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When The Walking Dead first shambled onto our screens, a single zombie was a pretty big deal, three zombies was extreme danger and a whole horde was a major plot point. By the time of season 3, the walkers are a bit less of an issue. You see them just wandering around in the background, or half-heartedly trying to grab survivors as they run past. They've basically become undead versions of street-bound charity fund-raisers.

However, , who plays fan-favorite Daryl Dixon, has suggested this is all up for review. Recently, Walking Dead producer Gale Ann Hurd suggested the Walker threat would be ramped up season 4. When asked about this by Sirius XM Radio, Reedus replied:

We've filmed a lot of what Gale's talking about. It's true. She hit the nail right on the head. They've introduced a way to make zombies scary again, and they're terrifying. The new threat is just unreal. I can't of course tell you what that is, but it's brilliant writing.

What could this new plot device be? Different types of zombies? Running zombies? Hell, what about flying zombies? As long as they're not talking or using guns, I'm happy.

It's not just the zombies that are open to change, Reedus also suggested the new showrunner, Scott M. Gimple has made an impact. When asked if Gimple had changed the running of the show, Reedus explained:

Yes, of course, with new people there's chance. But also, when Frank was the showrunner, Glenn was his number two, so we knew Glenn. And when Glenn took off, we already knew Scott. As far as the internal group, we're all the same people, but the structure of the writing's a bit different, and it's so intense. These are our best scripts so far.

He reiterated:

The scripts this season are just amazing. The sets are crazy. It feels like we've shot about three movies already. It's super intense, and everything's for a specific reason, and it's great right now.

Although this all sounds pretty promising, this introduction of a 'new' zombie dynamic sounds risky. Now, I know a lot of zombie lovers, and they definitely have very strict ideas about how zombies should behave. Y'know, despite the fact they are purely fictional beings...

What do you think? Are you pleased to here the Walkers are being given an overhaul? Let me know below.


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