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Matt Carter

Us Walking Dead fans love a good conspiracy theory. After Carl supposedly shot his mom in the head, there was a lot of talk as to whether Lori was actually dead. Think about it -- we never got to see her bloody corpse. For what it's worth, however, I'm sure she's very much a goner and is decomposing in the stomach of the zombie who ate her for supper.

The latest conspiracy surrounds the death of everyone's favorite character (insert sarcasm here), Andrea. In the season finale she lost a chunk of her neck to a peckish and reanimated Milton, before Rick did the decent thing and lent her his gun so she could put herself (and us) out of her misery. However, the fatal blow... wait for it... happened off camera. This has led some - including The Talking Dead's Chris Hardwick - to question whether she really is dead or not.

Check out the clip below to see Hardwick and his guests , and (Community) discuss all things zombie. Jump to the 2:13 mark for the discussion about Andrea:

In my opinion, Andrea is as dead as Lori and we even have a deleted scene showing Milton rip out a chunk of her flesh. The only way we'll see Andrea return next season is if Rick starts seeing her ghostly apparition haunting the prison, which would be terrible news for all concerned.



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