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Alisha Grauso

I have a question for The Walking Dead fans (so, every single person reading this): Is Lori alive or dead?

Before 's appearance on AMC's Talking Dead, the answer to that question would have been, "Dead. Definitely dead."

But now? It's a big old question mark.

Kirkman clarified Lori's appearance on the show, saying that:

I want to take a moment to say that she's not a ghost. No, this is not a ghost. But this is a vision of someone, you know it's coming from a happier time. It's coming from a piece of his memory, reminding him to do things...So you know, Tyreese wants to stay in the prison, and it comes to him at a time when he thinks he's about to make a mistake. So it's his psyche pulling something that's going to affect him in a major way. So it makes her look as ideal as possible.

But, when host reminded him that Kevin Smith thinks Lori is still alive, and then asked point-blank if Lori was alive or dead, Kirkman got decidedly more evasive with his answer:

First, I want to make a joke. Maybe that's why she's not a ghost. Huh? What?...Are we really saying Carl's that bad of a shot? I mean do you really think that's possible that he missed?

Dodgy, dodgy, Mr. Kirkman. It's interesting that he didn't give a concrete answer to a straightforward question. It looks like he's given The Walking Dead fans something else to ponder for future episodes.


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