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This article contains spoilers from the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead Season 7.

The Walking Dead has seen a number of characters come and go over the past seven seasons, but none are more mysterious than Tom Payne's Paul "Jesus" Rovia. Ever since his first appearance back in Season 6, fans have been unsure what to make of the long-haired warrior.

Not only is his hair suspiciously straight for a zombie apocalypse — like, seriously — he managed to outsmart the almighty Rick Grimes. Initially stealing Daryl and Rick's belongings, Jesus had our leaders go on a wild goose chase before turning up at their home in Alexandria.

However, Jesus' boyish charm and sweet nature definitely won us over in , and rescuing Daryl made us all fall in love with him. The mid-season premiere took the character to new levels — and it became clear that Jesus could be the one responsible for leading the Alexandrians to victory over the villainous tyrant Negan.

Let's take a look at how Jesus' skills could come in handy in the future.

Jesus Is Craftier Than We Think

Now just where did Jesus snatch that from? [Credit: AMC]
Now just where did Jesus snatch that from? [Credit: AMC]

After their emotional reunion at the Hilltop, Rick and Daryl were in a rush to get back to Alexandria in case the Saviors dropped by either settlement and found them together. However, Jesus informed the group that they need not rush back because he had managed to snatch a long-range radio from the Saviors' compound, meaning that they could listen in and be prepared for Negan's next uninvited visit — specifically, when the Saviors dropped in on Alexandria, looking for Daryl.

We've seen in previous episodes that Jesus is sneaky and crafty; he tricked Rick back in Season 6, managed to sneak into Alexandria undetected and likewise found his way into the Saviors' compound, breaking Daryl out without any assistance whatsoever. Having this radio means that they will always be prepared, and it also allows Rick and the Alexandrians more time to concoct a brilliant plan with the Hilltop colony's help.

Jesus' craftiness has saved the day once again in the mid-season premiere, and no doubt it will continue to come in handy in the future.

Jesus Has Contacts That Could Change The Game

King Ezekiel is a great ally. [Credit: AMC]
King Ezekiel is a great ally. [Credit: AMC]

Not only does Jesus have a craftiness that will come in handy, he also has some extremely interesting friends. It was in this episode that Jesus told Rick that it was time to meet King Ezekiel. As any Walking Dead viewer knows, King Ezekiel runs the Kingdom, a nearby settlement that is also under observation from Negan and the Saviors. Ezekiel has proven to be a very successful leader, and his people have a great respect for him — something that is necessary in a war of this nature.

The revelation that Jesus knows King Ezekiel is huge; biblical connotations aside, this means that Jesus has contacts outside of the Hilltop, so perhaps Ezekiel is only the beginning of his social network. Moreover, Ezekiel seems like a very trustworthy guy, so the fact that he and Jesus are friends is a testament — no pun intended — to Jesus' good nature.

They also seemed to have some sort of an understanding, and this will no doubt be important in the future — especially if Ezekiel reconsiders and joins forces with Rick and the group. Jesus and Ezekiel's relationship is also what will eventually reunite the Alexandrians with Carol, and that in itself is enough reason for us to praise Jesus.

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Let's Not Forget That Jesus Is A Skilled Fighter

When there's a war coming, it is absolutely necessary to have people who can fight in your corner. When it comes down to it, the Saviors will stop at nothing to take out their competition and enforce Negan's law, which is why having skilled fighters on your team is an absolute necessity.

Jesus has proven on several occasions that he's actually a good, trained fighter. We saw him pummel Rick and take out Daryl back in Season 6, but the fire at the Hilltop earlier in Season 7 was the perfect opportunity for the character to showcase his unique set of skills. All right, Jesus, now you're just showing off.

Oh, And His Name Is Jesus

All hail out lord and saviour. [Credit: AMC]
All hail out lord and saviour. [Credit: AMC]

With all this talk that Jesus could be the one to save us from devilish Negan, how could we not mention that the guy is called Jesus? His long hair, beard and leadership skills go hand in hand with his name, and if Negan isn't careful then Jesus could be showing him who the true Savior is.

Despite seeming so untrustworthy at the beginning, Jesus has really shone in Season 7; I'm telling you, we've yet to see this what this guy is truly capable of. He could surprise us all.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

The Walking Dead is clearly setting Jesus up for a bigger role, and to be honest, we couldn't be happier that the long-haired soldier will have more screen time. With friends like Ezekiel, a kind heart, and fighting skills to die for, Jesus is the perfect guy to have on your side in a zombie apocalypse — let's just hope we get to see him in action in future episodes.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays 9/8c on AMC. Do you think Jesus is going to be Rick's secret weapon, or is he going to stay a minor character? Tell us in the comments below!


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