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The Walking Dead returned to screens for its eighth season on Sunday night and the season premiere was everything we could've hoped for. As the veteran AMC series reached its 100th episode, Rick decided to face his enemy Negan head on as the all out war finally commenced. The internet had a lot to say about the season premiere, which was a vast improvement on Season 7, but there was one pretty big timeline error that had social media users in a frenzy.

Much like they did last season, eagle-eyed fans of took to Twitter to point out the flaw in the show's timeline and, to be honest, we're not surprised. Last season of was riddled with flaws and social media users took to Twitter to to point out all of the series' problems, from continuity errors to dodgy CGI. This time, fans had a problem with Judith's growth.

Note: This post contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 8 premiere.

Judith Has Aged Drastically Since Last Season, Yet Maggie Still Doesn't Have A Baby Bump

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Although The Walking Dead has been on the air for seven years, we're not really sure what year it is for our survivors in the show. We know that, much like the show itself, the zombie apocalypse started in 2010 (and Fear The Walking Dead later since confirmed that) but due to the glacial pace at which the storyline of The Walking Dead progresses, it's almost impossible to decipher what year our survivors are currently living in. What we do know is that very little time passes between the seasons, hence why Maggie's pregnancy has yet to show on her, despite the fact that she fell pregnant way back in Season 6.

However, as Season 8 commenced on Sunday, viewers were left confused by Judith's sudden growth spurt. The young girl appears to have aged significantly since we last saw her, despite the fact that the timeline isn't supposed to have moved on since Season 7. Another way to confirm this is the girl's hair, which has also significantly increased in length since we last saw her. While you could argue that perhaps the show took a little time jump between seasons — which is possible due to how organised and well-rehearsed Rick's plan was — viewers couldn't help but comment on how Maggie still show's no signs of being pregnant despite Judith's growth. I don't know about you, but this certainly feels like a timeline error to me.

The Internet Couldn't Handle This

There are few fanbases as passionate as The Walking Dead's and, every Sunday night, these fans take to Twitter to express their joy and their sadness at what goes on in their favorite show, However, this week many viewers ignored the fact that the war had begun (and the fact that it was their favorite show's 100th episode), instead taking to Twitter to point out this mistake. As you can imagine, the result is hilarious. Check out some of the greatest tweets below:

Although it's likely that this was just an oversight, it's also possible that this could just be down to Maggie's stomach. Pregnancy affects people in different ways and its entirely possible that the character won't show until much later in her term.

It must be tough for the writers to know exactly whereabouts in TWD timeline the action is taking place considering how glacially slow the storyline progresses, so if this is a mistake then I suppose we can all forgive this one. Hey, look on the bright side: At least it wasn't as noticeable as that deer, right?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.

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