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For a bunch of kids that ended up getting severely mangled, or munched on by walkers, the youngsters who have starred (and sometimes died) on seem to be doing well!

Fans of the show know that the odds of a kid making it through a zombie apocalypse alive are pretty slim. Carl and Enid are the exceptions, and even they've lost eyes, almost an arm, one or both of their parents, and have had to eat big cans of pudding or dead turtles.

Here is what some of those Walking Dead child actors look like now, and what you can see them in soon (if they're still actually acting).

1. Madison Lintz

Credit: AMC/Madison Lintz Instagram
Credit: AMC/Madison Lintz Instagram
  • Played: Sophia Peletier, Seasons 1 & 2
  • Age then: 13
  • Age now: 17

Sophia has been gone since Season 2, her death scene one being of the most heartbreaking of the series. In the comics, however, she's alive and well, helping battle The Whisperers and the undead alongside the rest of the gang.

  • See her next in: Tell Me Your Name (2017)

2. Kylie Szymanski

Credit: AMC/Kylie Szymanski Twitter
Credit: AMC/Kylie Szymanski Twitter
  • Played: Penny Blake, Seasons 3 & 4
  • Age then: 9
  • Age now: 14

Penny Blake was one of the characters in the comics whose story was essentially the same in the show. Not much, or really any, of her backstory was told in the series, but in the , she dies a pretty gruesome death at the hands of some marauders. Her grieving father keeps her alive, just like in the show, feeding her human remains. When he dies, her uncle Brian, the Governor, takes over taking care of her, feeding her body parts, including (get ready for it) Rick's hand, which he severed himself.

  • See her in: Nothing, apparently, but you can check her Twitter page out

3. Addy Miller

Credit: AMC/Addy Miller Twitter
Credit: AMC/Addy Miller Twitter
  • Played: Summer, The Teddy Bear Girl Walker, Season 1
  • Age then: 10
  • Age now: 17

Little Summer has been the topic of many "she doesn't look like this anymore!" articles, having grown out of her zombie makeup. She appears at cons quite often, and seems to keep in touch with her former co-stars. And check this out: she even has her own Funko Pop! doll!

  • Her next movie: Night of the Living Dead: Genesis (2017)

4. Adrian Kali Turner

Credit: AMC/Facebook
Credit: AMC/Facebook
  • Played: Dwayne Jones, Seasons 1 & 7
  • Age then: 12
  • Age now: 19

Well this is sad...Duane just can't stay dead. Or his memory can't, anyway. In a recent episode of The Walking Dead, "Bury Me Here," Morgan is talking about Benjamin's death, and accidentally blurts out Duane's name. Poor Morgan just can't get over his son's death at the hands (or mouth) of his zombified wife years ago, and it looks like Benjamin's death might push him over the deep end once again.

  • His last TV appearance: Film Permit Police (2015)

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5. Brighton Sharbino & Kyla Kenedy

Credit: AMC/Brighton Sharbino Twitter/Kyla Kenedy Twitter
Credit: AMC/Brighton Sharbino Twitter/Kyla Kenedy Twitter
  • Played: Lizzie & Mika Samuels, Seasons 4 & 5
  • Age then: 12 & 12
  • Age now: 14 & 14

In the episode "Nebraska," we go from learning that deer nuts are just under a buck to looking at the flowers when Carol has to put Lizzie down after she murdered her sister, Mika. Not a soul was prepared for that scene to unfold on their TV screens. But on the bright side, the deer that appeared after Carol did the deed was either real, or some damn fine CGI, unlike the hilariously bad CGI deer that led to Season 7's .

  • See Brighton next in: The Above (2017)
  • See Kyla currently in: Amazon original series Speechless (2015)

7. Major Dodson

Credit: AMC/Twitter
Credit: AMC/Twitter
  • Played: Sam Anderson, Seasons 5 & 6
  • Age then: 12
  • Age now: 13

Poor Sam. Carol was annoyed by him, his father Pete abused him, so many fans were rooting for him to die...but hey, the walkers thought he was tasty.

  • His latest: Proud Souls (2016)

7. Noah & Maddie Lomax

Credit: AMC/Twitter
Credit: AMC/Twitter
  • Played: Louis & Eliza Morales, Season 1
  • Age then: 9 & 11-ish
  • Age now: 14 & 16-ish

What do we know about them? Actually, it's more of what we don't know. The Morales family is one of the biggest mysteries in The Walking Dead series. Did they survive? Did they die after leaving Rick's group? Did they end up meeting Negan on the road and giving him a ride to Birmingham? There are some fans who hope the show either brings the family back, or at least bring them some closure someday

  • Where to see them next: Noah will be in The Tale (2017) and Maddie is pretty lively on Twitter

8. Tinsley & Anniston Price

Credit: AMC/Netflix
Credit: AMC/Netflix
  • Played: Judith Grimes, Season 4 & 5
  • Age in Season 4: 1
  • Age now: 4

So many babies! According to The Walking Dead Wiki page, Li'l Asskicker has been played by eight, count 'em, eight, baby actresses. Wait...make that eight sets of TWINS. Turns out, Rick knows that she's not even his baby, but loves her just the same. Just wait till she finds out what he did to her daddy Shane...that'll be one awkward conversation.

  • See them in next: Galveston (2018)
  • Where else have you seen them? Stranger Things Season 1 as Holly Wheeler

And now for our main attraction...

9. Chandler Riggs

Credit: AMC/Twitter
Credit: AMC/Twitter
  • Plays: Carl Grimes, Seasons 1 - 7
  • Age at the beginning: 11
  • Age now: 17

Just look at him now. After seasons of not staying in the house, what happens? He leaves the house and attempts to kill Negan, and not a damn soul notices. Carl's gone from a stubborn little brat to a stubborn, bigger, badass brat, and seems to be following his story line, starting quite the strange friendship with Negan himself.

  • See him next in: Keep Watching (2017)

They grow up so fast! You know, if they live. Or don't get killed off because they're going to college.

See the continuing adventures of the surviving TWD kids in next week's finale, "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life":


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