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After joining the show in Season 2, Maggie Greene (now Rhee) fast became a favorite character. The young woman quickly proved she was a true survivor, and never one to hesitate in helping out the group when it was needed.

Over her time in the series, Maggie has suffered devastating loss, but also had her world completed when she met and fell in love with her husband, Glenn. And now Maggie's future has become particularly uncertain as she must deal with the fall out from her husbands brutal murder and raising their child alone.

However, before Maggie's fate is revealed in Season 7, take a look over her journey on the series, and remind yourself of what a great character this farm girl is, and what a hole she would leave behind if she was to die.

Farm girl falls in love

Maggie and Glenn in Season 2 [AMC]
Maggie and Glenn in Season 2 [AMC]

Maggie Greene was born and raised on the Greene family farm. Her mother died when she was young and her father, Hershel, later went on to marry, Annette Greene, the mother of her half-sister, Beth and step-brother, Shawn. Prior to the apocalypse Maggie had graduated high school, and attended college though we never found out if she graduated or dropped out.

We first met Maggie in Season 2 when Rick and the Atlanta survivors make camp on the Greene family farm after Carl is shot by their farm foreman, Otis. From the start it's clear Maggie is one of the more capable members of the farm group, being the one to volunteer to find Lori and tell her about Carl, and later accompanying Glenn on a supply run to the pharmacy (where they first sleep together).

Glenn tells Maggie he loves her in Season 2 [AMC]
Glenn tells Maggie he loves her in Season 2 [AMC]

Maggie and Glenn falls for each other very quickly, their relationship no doubt sped up by the fact their ultimate fate is constantly looming over them, and when the farm is under threat from fire and walkers, she leaves with Glenn and the group.

Adapting to a zombie-filled life

From Season 3 onwards we see Maggie's transformation into a post-apocalyptic badass. As soon as the group finds the prison, Maggie assists the men in clearing the prison and the prison yard of walkers, becoming a useful asset to the group.

Maggie takes down an armored walker [AMC]
Maggie takes down an armored walker [AMC]

However, Maggie has also had to deal with her fair share of emotionally traumatic experiences - firstly when her father nearly dies following the amputation of his lower leg, and secondly when she has to perform a cesarean section on Lori, which results in her death. Then, later on in Season 3, she and Glenn are held prisoner by the Governor, something which affects Maggie significantly.

In Season 4 there's near-heartbreak for Maggie when Glenn falls gravely ill and is isolated from her. Glenn almost dies, but thanks to Maggie and her father, Hershel he makes a full recovery. But, just when it looked like things were back on track, the Governor attacks the prison and amongst the chaos — including the murder of her father, Hershel — Glenn and Maggie are separated. After spending time wandering with Sasha and Bob, eventually Maggie and Glenn are reunited, shortly before they're held prisoner at Terminus.

Maggie reacting to Beth's death in Season 5 [AMC]
Maggie reacting to Beth's death in Season 5 [AMC]

Following escape from Terminus, Glenn and Maggie carried on with their lives, though there was soon more devastation when her last living family member, young sister Beth, was killed at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Post-apocalypse politician

Maggie has proved that she's logical and sensible many times throughout the series. In Season 4, despite Tara being a part of the attack on the prison, she understood it wasn't really who Tara was, and accepted her as part of the group after she helped Glenn reunite with her. She also displayed similar actions after Eugene's lie about having the cure was revealed.

It's this stable and balanced attitude, that made Maggie the perfect person to assist Deanna, once the group eventually made their way to Alexandria in Season 5. At the end of the season, Maggie once again shows her calm mind, when she manages to stop Sasha from murdering Gabriel, and diffuses the situation.

In sickness and in health

At the start of Season 6 it's soon revealed that Maggie is pregnant, though after Glenn disappears, Maggie becomes worried what this will mean for their baby. Thankfully, Glenn eventually returns to Alexandria,

Maggie in Season 6 [AMC]
Maggie in Season 6 [AMC]

Maggie continues acting as a leader of Alexandria throughout Season 6, coming to an agreement with Gregory over receiving supplies in exchange for protection from Negan, as well as encouraging Alexandrians to fight against the Saviors. However when Maggie ends up going to assist Rick and co with killing many of Negan's Saviors, she and Carol are kidnapped by a group of them, and the pair only escape with their lives thanks to their incredible survival skills.

After her ordeal, Maggie recovers back in Alexandria, but the calm doesn't last long after she falls ill with a mystery illness, and needs to be taken to the Hilltop to see Dr Carson. But, unfortunately before they reach the doctor, Negan intercepts the group, and all of a sudden Maggie's future seems more uncertain than ever before as she faced possible death, and had to watch her husband Glenn being murdered before her eyes. Now living at Hilltop in recovery, a mourning Maggie is already showing signs of taking over the community as the new leader, with the skills the mother-to-be picked up from the late Deanna Monroe.

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