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Warning: Slight spoilers for The Walking Dead comic and TV series ahead.

After meeting one new community in Episode 2 of , it seems like we're going to see yet another in Episode 3, "The Cell." With having been carted off with the Saviors, this week's episode looks set to catch up with both him and Dwight back at 's main compound, a place which is called "the sanctuary" in the comic series.

Although we've already met or seen many of Negan's Saviors, The Spoiling Dead Fans have revealed four new characters we'll be meeting for the first time in Episode 3. And what's more, while three characters appear to be totally new to the series, one character is straight from the comic books- and we've even already met one of his family members in the series!

Take a look below to meet the newbies and see a little about their characters:

Tim Parati — Dr. Emmett Carson

What else have I seen him in? A Time to Kill, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Steaming Milk, From the Earth to the Moon, Urban Mythology, Black Knight, Cabin Fever, Blood Done Sign My Name, Hick, Army Wives.

What's his character? Tim Parati will be playing the role of Dr. Emmett Carson, the doctor for Negan and the Saviors. In fact, the other doctor on the series, Dr. Harlan Carson, is actually Emmett's brother.

Carson's first appearance in The Walking Dead comics [Image Comics]
Carson's first appearance in The Walking Dead comics [Image Comics]

Both of the Carson brothers are characters in The Walking Dead comic series, though while Harlan opted to live at the Hilltop, his brother instead became Negan's personal assistant.

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Lindsley Register — Laura

What else have I seen her in? Chronology, Tell Me Anything, Uncommon, House of Cards, God's Compass and Legends & Lies.

Lindsley Register will play a female Savior named Laura. In the comic series there's also a character called Laura, though she's not introduced until Issue 148. While the two characters could be entirely different, there's also a definite possibility that they're the same, and that the TV series is simply going to bring forth her introduction to flesh her character out.

Joshua Hoover — Joey

What else have I seen him in? Friend needs Help, The Republic of Two, The Thundermans, Semper Fight, Tosh.0, The Millers, Not So Union, Sleepy Hollow, You're the Worst, The Tennis Lesson, Rizzoli & Isles, The Nice Guys, The Malibu Tapes, Halt and Catch Fire.

Joshua Hoover is set to play a Savior named Joey, though little else is currently known about his character.

Michael Scialabba — Gordon

Michael Scialabba will play Gordon [IMDB]
Michael Scialabba will play Gordon [IMDB]

What else have I seen him in? Deserving Design, Halloween II, Single Ladies, 96 Minutes, The Game, Let's Be Copes, The Haves and the Have Nots, Finding Carter.

Michael Scialabba has been cast as Gordon, a member of the Saviors who apparently runs away from the sanctuary. Given that we know Dwight and Laura will be involved in a car chase, perhaps the person they're pursuing is Gordon? At any rate, I guess we'll have to wait 'til Sunday to find out!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 3 on November 6 at 9pm ET


Which new character are you looking forward to meeting the most?


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