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kiSpoiler warning: I will talk about the events of the last few episodes of The Walking Dead as well as touch on some of the comic book story arc. Proceed with caution from here on in if you want to remain spoiler free.

The Walking Dead is careening towards it's mid-season finale and with the latest promo promising that "All will fight, some will fall" TWD message boards have been full of speculation about who could be killed next.

Hershel could hold his breath for at least 55 seconds

We know that the Governor has got a really big tank and is going to try and take the prison and we also know that in the ensuing bloodbath there are going to be victims on both sides. The most likely to die on the side of the good guys is probably Hershel. Despite turning action hero and saving the day when the prison was decimated by the killer disease, it's worth remembering that the wise old man has only got one leg, and when the going gets tough, Hershel ain't going to be going anywhere.

There's also talk that Michonne will bite the dust, but I think this is unlikely. Yes the Governor was pointing a gun at her head at the end of the last episode, but he won't kill her like that. I think he wants to make her death a much more up close and personal affair; after all, she is the one who killed his 'daughter' Penny. But up close and personal is just the way Michonne likes it. Plus I think TWD has got big plans for Michonne, so she's safe for now.

Michonne loved to play musical statues

What about the main man Rick Grimes? Show creator has said in the past that nobody on the show is safe, but it would be a huge gamble to kill off the main protagonist. But this is the TWD and they love nothing better than throwing a bloody curve ball. Killing Rick would be the bloodiest curve ball of them all.

Which brings us finally to that one-eyed bastard, the Governor. In all honesty, I think Sunday's episode is the last time we'll see him alive. It feels like the showrunners are following the comic book storyline at this point, which in that case means it won't end well for the man now calling himself Brian. And if they are following the comic book arc then it could also mean very bad things for Tyreee. And Hershel. And Judith. And Lilly. Pretty much everybody really...

Whatever goes down, it's going to be edge of the seat stuff.

Who do you think is going to die in The Walking Dead mid-season finale? Let me know in the comments below.



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