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David Latona

If we were to heed the words of The Walking Dead's director of photography, Mike Satrazemis, we could be led to the conclusion that TWD's fourth season is going to offer character-centered standalone episodes by the bunch:

I’ve always been attracted to the show because of the story. So any time we isolate a couple of characters and get to tell the story that’s underneath this comic book, apocalyptic show, that’s fun for me.

Couple that statement with the announcement that the Governor () will get two standalone episodes just for himself, and it looks like the new direction TWD is taking includes alternating group episodes with solo adventures.

More indication towards that are the cryptic words of in this interview. When asked about the chances of his character Daryl Dixon getting his own solo episode or two:

I can’t really answer that question. You’ll have to watch.

Whaddya think? Is focusing more on individual characters a good change of pace for the show? Or do you prefer the groups dynamics that make TWD what it is? Who would you want to see starring in a standalone?

The Walking Dead returns for a fourth season on October 13th, airing on AMC.



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