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Now that episodes number 13 and 14, “Bury Me Here” and “The Other Side,” are dead and buried (har har), we're down to the final two episodes of , and things are getting insane. Producer and creator has said it won't be 'Season 6 cliffhanger' level of crazy, but in the style of The Walking Dead, people will end up very dead.

In “Bury Me Here,” we witnessed the deaths of both good guy Benjamin and the slightly unhinged Richard. The loss of the latter was at the hands of Morgan (literally), after Richard's actions resulted in young Benjamin getting killed by the Saviors. Losing Benjamin, his blossoming protege, looks to have driven Morgan back to his old ways, full of murder and general badassery.

And, it appears, it might have indirectly caused Morgan to make one huge, possibly fatal mistake.

Morgan Just Gave Away Carol's Location To The Saviors

As the episode ended, the inhabitant of the house that Carol once called home is now Morgan, so it's his life that's in danger, not Carol's. But after Richard the Savior shot Benjamin in the leg, Morgan made his potentially fatal mistake.

His mistake? These words:

"Diane, we need to drive to Carol's. We loaded her up with medical supplies! We need to stop the bleeding. He's not gonna make it to the Kingdom."

Credit: AMC
Credit: AMC

If the Saviors were listening, then Morgan's fate might be sealed. Unless, of course, he's ready to go full Terminator like Carol did with the cannibals in the Season 5 premiere. That's all assuming the Saviors were smart enough to pay attention to Morgan's words. In a world overrun by the walking dead, even that's a little crazy sounding.

What do you think? Could this lead to the end of Morgan? If that's too sad to think about, just enjoy some more Season 7 reading material:

Here's a sneak peek of Season 7, Episode 15, "Something They Need":

Looks like Morgan's days are numbered. But who dies first? Morgan...or Sasha?

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