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Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead comic and TV series ahead

With The Walking Dead mid-season coming up quicker than we could have imagined, fans are screaming out for Rick and co to finally take action against and his Saviors.

However as much as this would be the ideal outcome, unfortunately it seems a little unlikely given the whole group seems extremely disjointed, not to mention scattered far and wide! But even though it looks like we'll be waiting some time to see Negan get his comeuppance, has already told us what fate awaits him?

Negan comes knocking [AMC]
Negan comes knocking [AMC]

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If you cast your mind back to Season 6, Episode 12 "Not Tomorrow Yet" you'll remember it was a very Saviors-heavy episode. After learning about Negan and his mistreatment of the Hilltop, Rick and the crew went to their compound with guns literally blazing. After taking out many of the Saviors as they slept, the Alexandrians made their way home feeling triumphant (after rescuing Carol and Maggie, of course). However as we know, the compound was merely an outpost and Negan was actually surrounded by more men than Rick and co could have imagined. But while we may have focused on the Savior take down, there was also something else happening back at Alexandria: Morgan was building a jail cell.

Negan works on his cell [AMC]
Negan works on his cell [AMC]

Now, it was kind of easy to see why Morgan was building a cell. Firstly, he didn't agree with Rick's mantra of simply killing everyone, and after being kept in a cell by Eastman for some time, Morgan understood that people had the ability to be rehabilitated. And secondly, two people (Jesus and the Alpha Wolf) had already broken out of Alexandria's so-called jail cell, which was basically just a locked room.

Despite Morgan preparing this cell many moons ago, and telling Rick in Episode 14 it'll give him "some choices next time," the cell hasn't actually housed anyone since its completion. So who could end up as the cell's first prisoner? Probably Negan.

Negan in his cell in Issue 127 [Image Comics]
Negan in his cell in Issue 127 [Image Comics]

Yes, you're seeing correctly. In the comic series, Negan himself ends up occupying a cell in Alexandria after his crushing defeat by Rick and his forces. Even though Rick had the choice to kill Negan, in the end he decided it would be inhuman to kill the Big Bad, and instead chucks him in the cell.

Now, this might sound like a totally different Rick than the one we know and love, but it does sound an awful lot like Morgan. And given that Morgan seems to have already learned that there's definitely a time and a place to kill a person (saving Carol from that Savior), perhaps Rick will similarly learn that there's a time and a place to try and rehabilitate someone. Either way, I'd say the chance of Negan occupying that cell are very high, otherwise why even bothered showing it to audiences at all?

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 8 "Hearts Still Beating" on December 11.


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