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(WARNING: The following contains major plot SPOILERS for the most recent issue — #164 — of The Walking Dead comic book. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you is wise.)

Now, while 's has spent much of its most recent season doing its very best to alienate as much of its audience as possible, it's worth noting that the comic book that inspired the show is still going strong, and just put out its 164th issue. Sure, it's killed off its fair share of beloved characters along the way, but it's also somehow managed to keep its devotees (more-or-less) contented as it did so.

What's more, the book has recently begun to explore what may well be the most unlikely potential alliance it's ever stumbled upon: One between , and . What's more, with the pair recently finding themselves thrust together in the story, something pretty unexpected happened:

Negan Kind Of, Sort Of Just Apologized For Killing Glenn

'The Walking Dead #164' [Credit: Image Comics]
'The Walking Dead #164' [Credit: Image Comics]

Yup, that's right. While the televised Negan is still defiantly being a murderous psychopath, his comic book counterpart has had a lengthy comic book run in which to reflect upon his actions — and it seems he may just have seen the error of his ways. Y'see, in the latest issue, he and Rick are trapped in a shed (it's best not to ask why), and spend the time engaging in some deeply grudging (on Rick's part, at least) bonding. During said bonding, Negan eventually reveals his thought process during his early, horrifying spell as the comic book's Big Bad — and it seems that dehumanization was the key to his abject villainy:

'The Walking Dead #164' [Credit: Image Comics]
'The Walking Dead #164' [Credit: Image Comics]

That, though, wasn't all that Negan had to say, with his follow up comments not quite (but almost) amounting to an actual apology for his brutal murder of Glenn, and general ruining of Rick's life:

'The Walking Dead #164' [Credit: Image Comics]
'The Walking Dead #164' [Credit: Image Comics]

Now, with the show having long since heavily diverged from the comic books, there's every chance that we won't see a similar change of heart on the small screen — and, indeed, there's still the possibility that the comic book Negan is playing possum — but it certainly raises an intriguing possible future plot arc, should the show make it to Season 12 or so.

as an unlikely future antihero, anyone?

What do you think, though? Would you like to see Negan face his demons in the future, or is he already too far gone for forgiveness? Let us know below!



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