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For a tough guy who sounds tough and does tough things, and seems to really want people to know how tough of a guy he is, there's something about The Walking Dead's that doesn't quite fit. He's got the foul mouth, he has the barbed wire wrapped bat that everybody knows and talks about, and he has the swagger. But there's one thing he also has that doesn't exactly scream tough guy.

It's that damn red scarf of his.

The fact that it's tucked into a sweet leather jacket doesn't help one bit. When I see someone wearing a scarf, I see someone who's worried about keeping their neck warm. Or maybe someone that just likes to look stylin'. But definitely not a murderous a-hole with multiple wives.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Self, why does he wear that thing?”

It's time to get to the bottom of . Start by thinking about when he wears it.

He Wears It When He Intends To Kill His Enemies

Just like his beloved , we haven't seen Negan go in for a kill without his red scarf. He killed Abe and Glenn while wearing it:

And after Sasha convinced him to agree to only one death in the Season 7 finale, he was wearing it for the big brawl:

Earlier in the season, after Carl sneaks into the Sanctuary in hopes of killing , Negan ends up deciding to let him live, and even gives him a tour. Check out what Negan's wearing when he arrives at the scene of Carl's attack:

He knows something crazy's going down, so he's prepared to kill whoever is trespassing and is responsible for the mayhem. What does he do when he sees it's Carl, and thinks it's time to have a little fun with Rick's boy? At some point, he goes to the trouble of taking it off! See the next video for that.

That leads me to this: when does he not wear it?

When He Intends To Kill Or Maim His Own People

Negan takes the scarf off to show Carl around, and isn't even wearing it later when Spencer and Olivia die.

He didn't plan on killing anyone that day after he saw it was Carl shooting his people, but when Rosita shot Lucille? You can bet he sure wished he had his scarf.

For whatever reasons, Negan doesn't wear it to Mark's ironing, something he earned for stealing a radish or something. He was still giving Carl his tour:

Also, remember when he was going to teach Dr. Carson a lesson for letting Sherry go (or so Negan thought)?

Still no scarf!

More wardrobe-related The Walking Dead reading:

What could this all mean? Absolutely nothing is one possibility. But another?

The Scarf Is Very Important To Him

So important, he makes sure it's on him whenever he's about to lay down the law for anyone outside of his compound.

Credit: AMC
Credit: AMC

If you've been following along with Here's Negan, the monthly four page comic telling the villain's backstory, you've learned by now that his bat is named after his wife. She died of cancer right at the beginning of the zompocalypse, and turned while Negan was still in the hospital room right after her death. Obviously, Lucille means a lot to him, so he does what anyone would do with such a meaningful object. He bludgeons people to death with it. That must mean his red scarf means just as much, since it's always on him when he kills his enemies. Right?

In Here's Negan, he has to leave the hospital, and doesn't grab any of his wife's belongings before he goes. Negan goes on the road for quite a long time, so it's doubtful he goes back to his house to get any mementos.

I have plenty of ideas of where Negan got the scarf, and why he wears it when he does. But to heck with what I think.

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