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After wiping her social media accounts and replacing them with cryptic videos of a big snake, Taylor Swift announced to the world that her new album Reputation would be landing November 10, hinting that she was about to take on her recent spats with Kimye, Katy Perry, and Calvin Harris.

If that wasn't enough, she also unveiled the album cover, which received a mixed reception. The black and white Swift overlaid with newspaper headlines looked a little pedestrian, but most fans were just thrilled to see Tay on the comeback. Some took to Twitter to parody the album cover — and even The Walking Dead got involved!

If there's one man with the meanest reputation around, it's , and the Skybound Entertainment Twitter account decided to have a little fun with the iconic villain, and the now iconic album cover.

Posing with his beloved , I would bet Negan has a much worse reputation that Taylor at this point. Earlier this week Skybound also tweeted about Episode 6 of Game of Thrones, giving the show a TWD twist, saying:

Of course, this is not the only parody of T-Swizzle's album cover to hit the internet. Since the unveiling, there's been some very creative re-imaginings and makeovers. Here are some of the most inspired.

1. Michael Cera's Bad Reputation

2. Is That You Good Charlotte?

3. I Would Watch the Shit Out of This

4. The Shade of it All!

5. Get Schwifty

6. It Can Always Be Gayer

7. What if George Was Taylor Swift?

8. Now Try Not To Imagine Morgan Freeman's Voice

Oh how I love the internet. Not only is about to drop a new album, but Season 8 of The Walking Dead is set to air on October 22, meaning that all you Taylor Swift-loving walkers have an exciting few months in store!


Which are you more excited for?


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