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It's always sunny on The Walking Dead, but will it stay that way forever? Greg Nicotero responded to this very question during the Walker Stalker Cruise, addressing fans' curiosity over the noticeable lack of snow and apparently endless summer.

Anyone who lives somewhere with a lot of snow probably struggles to understand why anyone would be sick of summer. But apparently even Nicotero is beginning to wonder if it's time for a change in temperature. During his panel on the Cruise, he admitted that it's not that he's against an Alexandria winter. Rather, he just doesn't know "how we would pull it off."

What's With The Sweat Fest?

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

Let's be honest: the characters on The Walking Dead are perpetually sweaty. Rick Grimes doesn't achieve that hair style with gel— that's 100% sweat.

Maybe it's because they insist on wearing clothing like shearling coats, leather jackets and the entire cast's signature wardrobe staple: long sleeved button-down shirts. Which would be fine if it was a bit chilly, but they're actually filming in the stinking Georgia heat. Learn to layer properly, people!

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

Admittedly, the show writers are by no means attempting to fool viewers into thinking it's winter by making the cast rug up. Alexandra, Virginia does get snow; so why haven't we seen it yet?

Fans might think they've been on one hell of a journey with Rick and his group, but that doesn't mean we've seen every single moment of their lives since Rick's escape from hospital. It's not too hard to understand why the show would simply skip over winter entirely. But fans are still questioning if they'll ever get to see a white walker Christmas (no, not that kind of White Walker).

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What Might Have Been

The Walking Dead [Credit: Telltale Games]
The Walking Dead [Credit: Telltale Games]

During his panel on the Walker Stalker Cruise, Nicotero admitted he'd originally had plans to do a standalone episode set during a snowy winter— and the idea is still strong in his mind:

"I would love to do it. I know Scott [Gimple] would love to do it. The show is 52 weeks a year. To literally generate an in-between script and shoot in the winter, I don't know how we would be able to pull it off even though I think it would be great. I think everybody would love to do it because it would be different."

The show might not have seen a single snowflake yet, but other Walking Dead stories certainly have. The comic definitely explores the groups's survival through winter, and Season 2 of The Walking Dead Telltale games is also set during winter.

The Walking Dead [Credit: Image Comics]
The Walking Dead [Credit: Image Comics]

In these narratives, we see a post-apocalyptic world with even more challenges, as well as a couple of benefits. There's sickness that arises from being underdressed; the danger of a lighting a fire that provides necessary warmth, but attracts enemies; and walkers that are considerably slower than they would be in the warmer months.

Is Winter Coming?

As much as seeing Rick and Judith build snowmen together would no doubt put a smile on surly Rick's dial, Nicotero admits that shooting in winter would be somewhat of a logistical nightmare:

"I would never wanna rule it out, but it's tough because that would mean that in the middle of finishing episodes to air, we'd have to be writing another episode. Then you'd have to bring everybody back for a standalone which would be, probably, expensive."

Perhaps Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus could take a little cut from their $650,000-per-episode pay to give fans their winter episode? Though to be honest, they'd probably rather just put up with the sweat.

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