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Over at The Walking Dead Season 4 preview weekend, which satisfied us zombiepocalypse junkies, - who plays Daryl Dixon on the AMC show - swapped his crossbow for a trucker cap and got talking to Clerks and Dogma director about his much-loved zombie mutilating device. reports that Smith quizzed Reedus on how long it took him to master the crossbow - a Horton Scout 125 HD:

The problem with the crossbow is that if there is a bunch of things to kill in front of me, you know, it's boom, boom, load it in camera, then you've got to drop it out, throw the arrow on the ground, pick it back up, then it's a digital arrow. But to do all that real quick is real taxing.

...Just not as taxing as getting eaten alive, I guess. Smith joked:

You'd almost like to just say, 'Can't I just shoot real arrows?' And they're like absolutely not. Yeah, it's a fun weapon, and everybody looks cool holding a crossbow. It's not a M-16.

What would be your weapon of choice for slicin' and dicin' those undead cretins? Axe? Machete? Pitchfork? Or a nice bit of Glock 17? Let us know below!


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