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After a few slower episodes leading up to The Walking Dead's Season 7 finale, things began to pick up in the penultimate episode, "Something They Need." The episode's central plot involved Rick and a group of Alexandrians in their efforts to take Oceanside and claim their guns for the coming war against Negan. They succeeded without a single death on either side, and promised to return Oceanside's guns when the fighting was done.

Despite this promise, Rick has still left Oceanside in a pretty terrible position. There are a number of ways that everything could go wrong, and leave Oceanside, a group consisting exclusively women and children, the most tragic victims of the war.

The Group May Be Forced To Break Their Promise

The majority of the weapons that Rick and the group have recently gathered are set to be donated to Jadis and The Heapsters, in exchange for their help in fighting Negan. The group have driven a rather hard bargain so far, with the already large amount of guns Rick delivered deemed not enough. They also seem reluctant to give up anything they have claimed as their own, meaning it is unlikely that they will just willingly hand Oceanside's weapons back when the fighting is done.

This leaves the Alexandrians in an unpleasant position. They would either have to fight the Heapsters to get the guns back, which they may not want to do so soon after the previous war, or donate some of Alexandria's own weapons to Oceanside. The second option is as unlikely as the first, considering Alexandria is not drowning in weapons currently either, and it would seem unwise to weaken their position at a time when the world order is once again being rebuilt.

Sacrificing the safety of Oceanside for the long-term benefit of humanity as a whole could be seen as a necessary evil.

The Saviors May Discover The Camp

Oceanside are implied to have been off Negan's radar for a while, having moved their camp to a more secluded location following the slaughter of all the males in their group. But with Rick and his allies coming into a sudden influx of weapons, Negan will surely begin to wonder where they are coming from, and probably send some of the Saviors to find out. With the loss of their guns, Oceanside would stand no chance against an attack.

Walkers May Arrive At Oceanside, Bringing Chaos

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Of all the groups we are currently aware of, Oceanside is situated the furthest from Alexandria. Unless their leader, Natania, changes her mind and allows the other members to join the fight, our group is unlikely to travel there again until the war is over. No one knows yet how long this war will last, so Oceanside could potentially be gun-less for quite a long time. If a large herd of were to stumble upon their camp in the meantime? Well, if not wiped out entirely, the group would almost certainly suffer major losses.

Returning to such a scenario could have a heartbreaking affect on Tara. She managed to justify breaking her promise to Oceansider Cyndie with the belief that the Alexandrians are doing what is best for everybody in the long run, and nobody was hurt in the raid on Oceanside. To later discover that people were hurt as a result of her actions could cripple the kind-hearted survivor with guilt.

Every great war has a sacrificial lamb to break the hearts of viewers. It's looking more and more like Oceanside could be it for The Walking Dead.


Will Oceanside Survive without their guns?


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