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The Walking Dead returns on Sunday night for more zombie-slaying action and scenes of undead peril. The last time we saw Rick and the group they'd been forced to abandon the prison following the Governor's brutal attack and they are now scattered, alone and exposed in the Georgian countryside.

But as well as all the braining, decapitating and eviscerating to look forward to (and look forward to it I most certainly do), there are unanswered questions that need addressing. So ahead of the mid-season premiere, here are three questions we need answering.

Lil' Ass-Kicker

The fate of baby Judith is one of the big mysteries of the mid-season finale. Lost in the smoky haze of the gunfight, the only thing that remained of the infant was her bloody baby seat.

Show creator, Robert Kirkman, is remaining tight-lipped about her fate, teasing:

There was a bloody car seat there. Maybe she’s dead. Maybe she’s not. We’ll have to see.

Interestingly, Judith was not included in companion show The Talking Dead's ‘in memoriam’ segment and there are grainy photos suggesting the tot was rescued by Tyreese.

I'm almost certain that she's still alive, but then again this is the TWD. They love nothing more than inflicted misery on us all.

The Carol Question

Ah, Carol. Lovely, strong-willed, exiled Carol. Oh how we (and Daryl) miss you so.

There's no doubt that Carol is set to return at some point, it's just a question of when and what the reasons will be. How has she coped on her own? Will she reveal that it wasn't actually her who was responsible for mercy killing Karen and David? And how will Tyreese react when he finds out that Rick sent her into exile?

Then there is the Daryl question. He's clearly a big fan of Carol, but due to the plague and then the Governor's assault on the prison, he hasn't had time to process what has happened to her. Once he gets time to think about it rationally, will he be quiet as understanding towards Rick's actions?

Radio Chatter

Thanks to all the crashing and banging and dying, the voices that Daryl and his roadtrip crew heard over the radio have almost slipped under the radar. It's been so long since a big group of fellow survivors has been found (apart from ones that want to make you dead, obviously) that it's easy to forget how much of a big deal this could be.

So was on the other end of the radio?

Of course it could turn out that the voices on the other end are hostile and want nothing more than to eat their faces and use their nerve endings to make a banjo. But on the flip side there's a chance that they are friendly and offer a place of sanctuary.

It seems unlikely though.

I want to hear from you now. Is there anything I missed? Do you have any theories for these unanswered questions. Let me know below or over on Twitter.



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