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It's that time of the week again folks when I take out my zombie brain-shaped crystal ball, give it a good old rub and try and predict what I think will go down on this week's episode of The Walking Dead. Like any clairvoyant, I'm not always 100% correct, but what I lack in accuracy I try and make up for with wild speculation, over-the-top scenarios and hopefully a dash of humor. So, without further ado, I invite you join me so that together we can talk about the Top 3 Things We Think Will Happen in "Arrow on the Doorpost".

Merle and Glenn to kiss and make up

Life hasn't been particularly kind to Glenn over the last few weeks. He was attacked by a ravenous walker while being held captive at Woodbury, his better half, Maggie, wasn't treated particularly well by the Governor and he also had his face smashed in by Merle. To make matters worse, Merle is now living with them at the prison, so not only does he have to see his attacker every day, but Merle is also quite a sweaty man so I imagine it smells pretty funky as well.

Them's the breaks, but if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse it's time they buried the hatchet and start pulling in the same direction. Merle also has military experience so will be essential when the Governor's attack on the prison comes. I don't expect them to become BFFs or to start spooning each other at night, but I think we will see Merle and Glenn start to have more of a functioning relationship.

Tyreese to return

I was a little sad when Tyreese and his group decided to ditch the prison and make a go of it at Woodbury. I don't understand why anybody would give up living in a caged cell with walkers wandering the grounds for a town that has running water, barricaded walls and a plentiful supply of booze. Ludicrous! That being said, I think Tyreese will return to the group in the next episode, but he will do so alone. When the war comes Tyreese will chose Rick over the Governor, but his companions will decide to stay at Woodbury. That's going to make the annual Christmas friends and family get-together especially awkward this year.

Revenge is a dish best served bloody

"Arrow on the Doorpost" will see Rick and the Governor finally have their long-awaited showdown. After running into Morgan and seeing how crazy he could become, Rick seems like he is slowly coming back to some sort of sanity. This is just as well really because the Governor is going to be the biggest challenge he's ever faced. The teaser trailer has hinted that this first showdown will be more of a battle of minds, but what I really want to see is Rick take out the Governor's remaining eye Joker-style. That would be magic. That being said, I don't think this first meeting between them will result in the loss of any limbs. We'll have to wait a few more weeks until that happens.

That's me done for now. I'm handing my speculation hat over to you guys, so wear it well, and let me know what you think will happen in "Arrow on the Doorpost".

All will be revealed when The Walking Dead returns Sunday, 9/8c on AMC.


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