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Warning: This article talks about the events of Season 4 of The Walking Dead. If you haven't seen the previous episode stop reading, go watch it and then come back when you are done.

Back with me? Super duper.

Last week's episode, "Isolation," ended with Carol dropping the bombshell that she was responsible for murdering Karen and David, dragging their bloodied bodies outside and then setting them on fire.

She certainly doesn't believe in half measures.

Unsurprisingly Tyreese didn't take the death of his lady friend well and seems to have decided that bloody retribution is the best way to mend a damaged soul. The question is, now that Rick knows that Carol was the perpetrator of this crime, what will he do with this information?

One course of action for the former Sheriff would be to remain tight-lipped and not let Tyreese know who oven-baked his girl. Rick is caught in a moral dilemma in that Carol has been with the group from the beginning and his loyalties lie with her. He also knows that if Tyreese were to find out that Carol has a penchant for immolation, he might lose his proverbial [email protected]&t and bash her face in with a hammer, which I can't imagine does a lot to help morale at the prison. Also, on some level, Rick might think that she did the right thing. Don't forget that early in Season 3 he introduced a machete to the skull of a prisoner because he believed it was for the good of the group. Would he really snitch on a friend for doing the same?

However, Rick is a man of morals. He recently lost his own wife and has experienced first hand the pain that Tyreese is currently going through. He knows what it feels like to have loved and lost and if it were him in Tyreese's position, he would demand to know the identity of the killer. Will this be enough to sway him?

It's a tough decision.

Of course, this being The Walking Dead, one or all of them could succumb to a horrible death next week, which in a way would solve all their problems.

What would you do if you were in Rick's shoes?



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