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Matt Carter

Production on The Walking Dead was halted a few days ago when a zombie was run over by a truck. Unfortunately this was not part of some extravagant action sequence involving hordes of the undead, but was instead a stunt that went wrong. The zombie in question was 20 year old Zane Orr, who was run over by a military vehicle when the brakes failed. Orr was airlifted to hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.

It was not all pain and no gain for Orr though as he was paid a visit by the lovely , who plays Maggie on the show.

To be fair, I would consider getting myself run over if it meant getting to meet Maggie...

Orr was released from hospital on Monday.

Although production on The Walking Dead was halted for a time, an AMC spokesperson said filming had already resumed and the accident wouldn't affect the new season, which is due to premiere October 13th.


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