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David Latona

If, by any chance, one of your lifelong dreams (or a dream you've had since The Walking Dead's first season premiered four years ago) was to take a stroll amidst a horde of decomposing zombies, congrats, you're in luck! Universal Studios Hollywood is featuring a very special TWD ride for its upcoming horror genre theme park experience called Halloween Horror Nights.

During the course of its six-week-run (starting September 20th and ending on November 2nd), The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven is poised to become the most prominent attraction in HHW. Inspired by the TV show's third season, it seems like this ultra-fun reenactment of the Zombiepocalypse is a perfect way for fans of the series to celebrate the start of Season 4 in October.

Guests will find themselves swarmed by hungry walkers at the entrance of the maze. After braving the disgusting waves of ambulant corpses, the real horror will strike unsuspecting visitors as they wander among the twisting pathways of the complex maze... only to find themselves emerging to the claustrophobic set of the infamous West Georgia Correctional Facility. Last stop will be the eery town of Woodbury, were more surprises await...

Says , executive producer, director and special effects makeup supervisor for The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead maze that Universal Studios Hollywood is bringing to life at this year’s ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ event will take credibility to entirely new levels. Universal’s creative team is painstakingly re-creating the world of 'The Walking Dead' for this year's maze and the level of authenticity will make guests and fans feel like they've stepped into Season 3. Located on the production backlot area of the studio, people will be able to experience iconic moments from the show up close and personal.

Halloween Horror Nights begins on Friday, September 20, 2013.



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