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After last week's intense and bloody episode of The Walking Dead, when the Governor unleashed a van full of walkers on the guys over at the prison, it was no real surprise that this week's episode, "I Ain't a Judas," was a much more prosaic affair. Like a game of heavily-weaponized chess, the characters are being moved into position for the upcoming war as the Governor looks to build an army (children and all) and the guys at the prison prepare themselves for the assault. There will be blood.

Despite the episode being relatively low on action, it did give us Andrea's long-awaited reunion with her former group, as she broke ranks and left Woodbury for the prison. She hadn't seen her friends since Hershel's farm went up in flames and she seemed genuinely devastated when she learned of Shane's death. She was also told some home truths about the Governor and how much he sucks as a person, but she still continues to have her doubts as to just how much of a rascal he really is. At times with Andrea, it feels like the writers have written themselves into a corner and are unsure how to resolve the issue between her and her less-than-savory boyfriend. We are almost going in circles with her feelings towards him, although at least in this episode she almost came close to stabbing him in the face.

Speaking of the one-eyed despot, in true warlord-style he has begun assembling a child army (if he's not careful there'll be a viral YouTube video about him and his fighting kids soon, and we all know that once you lose hearts and minds you're as good as finished), who are being trained up to go and kick the ass of the guys at the prison. There's a comparison to be made here somewhere about the similarity of the Governor's actions, with his use of propaganda and forced conscription, to that of a state declaring war on another nation, but I'll leave that for another day.

Having been declared hide and seek champion during last week's episode, Tyreese and his group finally made an appearance, as they decided to get the hell out dodge and shack up with the people at Woodbury. Despite treating them like animals and giving them no reason to like him, I expect Tyreese to inexplicably side with Rick when the war with the Governor comes, although I can't say the same for the rest of his gang.

The episode ended with Beth going all Les Misérables on us and belting out a little number to entertain the troops back at the prison. If ever the zombie apocalypse blows over she should definitely get herself to an audition on X-Factor.

Overall it was a solid if not spectacular episode, but the war is coming. Are you ready for it?

Talking Points

  • Merle is fast becoming my favorite character, which means he'll probably get killed off in the next few weeks.

  • I love that Carl got a weapons upgrade and a bullet proof vest. The kid is becoming a real badass.

  • Michonne to Andrea, "I didn't realize the Messiah complex was contagious.” She doesn't say much, but when she does it's normally spot on.

  • Surely Daryl and Carol deserve an award for Cutest Couple to Live in a Zombie Apocalypse.

  • Andrea's disarming (literally) of the walker was awesomely disgusting.

That's all from me, so now it's over to you. What did you guys think about the last episode of The Walking Dead? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday 9/8c on AMC.


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