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Sorry for the delay getting this The Walking Dead recap sent your way folks, but I've spent the last couple of days stocking my apartment with canned goods and strategically placing blunt weapons near the exits. The zombie apocalypse will arrive at some point and as the saying goes, "fail to prepare, prepare to...become starter, main course and dessert for the undead." Or something like that.

Anyway, back to the task in hand: My analysis of last Sunday's episode, "Home." It was a big improvement on the mid-season premiere, which had me really worried that the show had returned to the inane squabbling that had made Season 2 such a drag in places. Instead, "Home" reminded us that when it gets it right, The Walking Dead is the most thrilling show on television.

The episode started with Rick doing his best Haley Joel Osment impression, as he continued to see his very dead wife walking around the grounds of the prison like someone in a Kate Bush music video. The good news is that he now knows that Lori isn't real, but "there's got to be a reason" he keeps seeing her. Hopefully he discovers the reason soon, because I'm starting to get a bit bored of this storyline.

"Home" also saw Glenn continue to break bad and vengeance is still very much on his mind. Despite advice from the Yoda-like Hershel that his rage "is gonna get you killed," Glenn is out for blood. I liked this scene between him and Hershel, but I find the tension between him and Maggie harder to get on board with. I don't really understand why they're both so angry with each other. Surely he doesn't blame her for their abuse over at Woodbury and considering what the two of them have been through together, I thought they would have been better equipped to cope with this.

Apart from the explosive climax to the episode (which I'll come to in a minute) my favorite part of "Home" was the interaction between the Dixon brothers. Daryl saved a family from a bunch of walkers (the zombie head being smashed by the trunk of the car was particularly satisfying) before Merle tried to loot their car at gunpoint. Old Daryl would probably have joined his brother and pillaged the crap out of their possessions, but this is new and improved Daryl. Instead of taking the booty, the younger Dixon put his crossbow to his older brother's head and made him walk away. You go Daryl! Their confrontation later in the forest led to Merle ripping off Daryl's shirt and seeing his childhood scars for the first time. It was at this point that we saw genuine emotion on Merle's face and I actually started to feel sympathy for the old racist. Are we about to see the redemption on Merle?

Probably not. As soon as someone starts to get semi-interesting on The Walking Dead they are ruthlessly dispatched by the showrunners.

This brings us to poor Axel. The guy finally gets something interesting to say and is then shot in the head and used as a human shield. He could've been forgiven for cursing the day that Rick and his gang arrived at the prison because since he and his fellow prisoners were 'liberated' they've all been killed. All of them! Screw you Rick!

This led to the episode's thrilling climax as the Governor unleashed his fury and a truck full of walkers on the survivors at the prison. It was a spectacular action set piece which also saw Michonne finally break character. Instead of grunting and staring at things she actually did something useful (and f**king cool) and decimated a ton of walkers with her trusty blade. The last shot of Rick staring at the prison overrun with zombies was a fantastic way to bring the episode to an end and sets up next week's episode, "I Ain't a Judas," perfectly.

Talking Points

  • Why does Andrea continue to believe the crap that the Governor is spouting? Surely after everything she's seen him do she'd want to get the hell out of Woodbury?

  • Hershel keeps dispensing advice but no one ever listens to him. Stick with it old man, they'll come to appreciate you soon enough.

  • Looks like Merle is moving into the prison. Will he play nice? I sincerely hope not. A snarling and nasty Merle is good for the show.

  • What's with the group's shooting accuracy? They can hit a zombie in the head from 500 yards but can't hit one of the Governor's men when they are right in front of them. Maybe they've been watching too many John Woo movies.

  • Where the hell did Tyreese and his group go? Perhaps they saw what happened to Axel and realized that statistically one of them will be next.

It's now over to you. Let me know your thoughts on the latest episode and what you think is going to go down next.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday 9/8c on AMC.


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