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SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't yet watched the last season, click away now.

Last season, one of the (many) sad stories was definitely that of Rick Grimes as a dad. After his wife Lori died during childbirth, Rick went a little cuckoo, going off seeing ghosts and avoiding his baby Judith, as much as possible.

Thankfully, the thesp who plays him, , says that parenting will be a main focus in Season 4, especially since son Carl went and killed a surrendering Woodbury teen named Jody in the season finale.

'Certainly after the death of Lori, I think that a lot was brought into question, certainly in that last episode,’ Lincoln said (see video below). ‘And Andrea helped that sort of narrow his focus more on his son, who is obviously in a very, very disturbed state toward the end of last season. And I think he has to take responsibility for that.’

It’s all very well trying to be a good dad in normal circumstances, but Lincoln comments it’s difficult to juggle parenthood with a zombie apocalypse!

“You find him in a completely different place,” says Lincoln of Rick’s role. “And I do think that the struggle within him is still there, which is whether or not he should be a leader at the expense of being a father figure.”

Check out the Entertainment Weekly interview with Andrew Lincoln below (complete with Portuguese subtitles - sorry guys, couldn't find an un-subtitled version on YouTube!).


Source: Entertainment Weekly


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