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Rosita Espinosa may just be the feistiest character TV has ever seen. With a perpetual scowl on her face and a bad attitude to match, it really seemed like her ill-concealed grudge against the world would never be lifted.

Thankfully, the latest episode saw a reprieve from her usual feisty, sullen attitude and finally gave us an answer to the question that's been plaguing Walking Dead fans for some time now: who is Rosita Espinosa?

In a rare bonding moment with Sasha, Rosita managed to let her guard down and reveal a more vulnerable side to herself. Not only did she spill the beans on her long-awaited backstory, but she provided an intriguing insight into her potential movements in future episodes.

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Rosita's "Juicy Secret"

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Christian Serratos revealed that she'd been hiding the "juicy secret" of Rosita's past for quite some time now. Apart from addressing the mystery behind Rosita's rather proficient skill set on , Serratos said she loved how Rosita's backstory showed "her strength", as well as "how fierce she is."

As we found out from her conversation with Sasha, Rosita learned everything she knows from the men she travelled with after the virus broke out. While she confessed that she hated the feeling of having to rely on men for protection, it helped her to gain the skills of a trained soldier in a fairly short amount of time. Serratos herself thought this method was ultimately empowering to Rosita:

"We already know that this world is something nobody can really understand, but they lost everything and they had to go down to the mere basics, and she knew that what she had to offer was her appearance and that it could benefit her if she chose to utilize it, and that’s what she did to survive. And I thought that was just really cool, and the fact that she was doing it 10 times better than all these dudes is a really cool message."

Rosita's List Of Long-Lost Lovers

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

"When the world's over, everyone should be getting their rocks off." Wiser words have never been spoken, and it sounds like Rosita was definitely one to take her own advice.

So who were these mystery dudes she met before Abraham, and what does Rosita's time with them suggest for her future? Let's take a look:

  • 1. Johnny

Looks like we finally found out where Rosita got her bomb disarming knowledge. Not only was Johnny apparently quite handy with a pair of pliers, but he was very into the "survivalist" lifestyle. We've seen other mentions of doomsday preppers in Season 7, and it makes sense that they'd be the type to have survived the outbreak.

Considering Rosita has bounced from her mission with Sasha, it's quite possible we'll get to see even more of her explosives skills using the dynamite Rick's group appropriated from the Saviors.

  • 2. Marcus

Rosita's expertise with a wrench was one of the first things we learned about her; a skill she apparently learned from an "asshole wannabe stunt driver" by the name of Marcus. We've already seen her fix an engine and hot-wire a car— could we see her bust out some mad stunt driving moves next?

  • 3. Chaser

Chaser (real name unknown) was responsible for teaching Rosita the ropes (get it?) about ropes. Tying knots may seem like a meditative way to pass time, but it's an incredibly useful skill. Perhaps Rosita will use her knot-tying talents to tie up a certain Big Bad?

  • 4. Unnamed "Others"

Rosita's list was by no means definitive, and she admitted that there'd been "others". This means that Rosita may be hiding even more surprising skills that she can bust out— and we might just get to see them in the next two episodes.

Her Anger Stems From An Unexpected Place

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

Perhaps even more relevant to the show's future events is Rosita's confession about her feelings regarding Abraham. Unlike him, she wasn't able to happily settle in to a normal life at Alexandria; and in the midst of dealing with those feelings of unease, the man she was in love with — who respected her for who she was, unlike the men she'd dated before him — left her and began a relationship with another woman. And like so many tend to do, she blamed not Abraham, but the other woman: Sasha.

However, Rosita now realizes her feelings were most likely misplaced:

"When he bounced, I I thought I hated you. But maybe I just hated that he figured out his shit first."

Rosita has finally confronted her issues regarding Abraham and Sasha, and gotten to the very bottom of where her anger stems from. Whereas before she was operating from a place of unresolved anger, she now sees far more clearly— which suddenly makes her all the more deadly.

What do you think the future holds for Rosita on The Walking Dead?

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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