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In the wake of the earth-shattering mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, we can't look back and say we weren't warned. Chad Coleman was there for us all along, and in an interview with Entertainment weekly, warned us to "fasten our seat belts". Coleman, who plays Tyreese on the show, had a telephone interview about the mid-season finale and Tyreese's social and emotional development.

brought up a point in the discussion, which was Tyreese's emotional meltdown after he discovered the charred corpse of his girlfriend, and his ensuing rage as he seemingly reverted to some sort of savage cave-man mode and took on an entire zombie herd with nothing but a hammer.

Crushing Zombie Skulls

I know everybody was waiting for Tyreese to break out and that was Tyreese in full bloom.

Tyreese in full bloom was pretty intimidating.

It was a big adrenaline rush, man. It was crazy and I was exhausted afterward.

I hope the actors who played the zombies survived. Despite going beserk and having himself a murderous rampage, Coleman also explains Tyreese's gentle side, explaining his heart is sometimes too big:

I think that’s what it is, finding that balance between what the rules of engagement are in a post-apocalyptic world. Can you really afford to have a heart that big? And he’s finding out. He’s learning. You’ve got to know the landscape. You got to play by certain rules. It’s all part of a maturation process for Tyreese, to make him a better man and a better leader. I appreciate his nobility, but there are just things that everybody has to learn hard and fast and I think he’s in the middle of his learning curve right now.

The gentle giant. I hope Tyreese is able to learn quick enough to survive and I am dying with curiosity to see how and when he will again meet up with the rest of The Walking Dead cast after the perilous battle at the prison. I am also eager to see what Coleman means about Tyreese's "maturation process" and if this points to a greater leadership role for him in the future.

(Source: EntertainmentWeekly)

What do you guys think? Will Tyreese be able to bottle his rage fueled meltdowns in the future? Will he play a greater role in the group?


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