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The Walking Dead Season 3 finale saw lovebirds Maggie and Glenn declare their undying love for each other by getting engaged. While the chances of them eloping to Las Vegas and getting married at the Little White Wedding Chapel are slim, what are the chances of the frisky couple getting pregnant and bringing a new life into the world? asked this question to and , who play the couple on the show, and while they didn't confirm that a baby was on the way, there's definitely the possibility of hearing the patter of tiny feet in the new season.

Yeun- I think they’re–without spoiling anything, it’s more like being at the precipice of deciding what survival and what society is at this point. I think that’s kind of the mantra for everyone–it’s like, ‘What is the point of life at this point?

Cohan- You can be a couple in Manhattan and think you don’t have enough financial security to have a baby and you have it anyway, and you can be in the couple in the apocalypse that doesn't have enough physical security to have a baby. I’m not saying which way it’s going to go but it does mirror life in that way. It’s like, when is it safe to take that next step? When do we know?

While I understand Cohan's sentiments, let me be the first one to say that I would much rather have a kid in Manhattan than one during the zombie apocalypse. Just saying.

We've already had one newborn on the show, when Lori gave birth to Judith, and we all know how that ended (hint: in lots of blood and heartbreak). Is having a kid during a zombie apocalypse really a good idea?



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