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Mark Newton

Although Merle might have died, reanimated and then died again, he still isn't finished laying into his younger brother. At a recent Phoenix Comicon panel, , who played The Walking Dead's morally-confused Merle wasn't finished insulting his on-screen little brother.

While discussing his death scene, an audience member shouted out: "You made Daryl cry!". To which Rooker responded:

He deserved to cry. That little crybaby, he’s been a crybaby all his life. About time he really cried for something.

Another fan also brought up the possibility of Merle returning in future episodes as a vision, much like Lori had done through the latter episodes of season 3. It seems Rooker isn't too keen on that idea, simply replying:

Hell no. I hope not.

For the full hour long panel, check out the video below:


What do you think? Would you like to see Merle again, or should the dead stay properly dead? Let me know below.


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