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One of the most harrowing moments of The Walking Dead season 1 is when 's character, Merle, is chained to a pipe on a rooftop. You know he's about to be turned into zombie chow. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), there happened to be a handy dandy hacksaw next to him. He then had to resort cutting throw his bone, as the blade was too dull to cut through the cuffs.

However, this doesn't explain how he actually got off the roof when there were so many zombies around. For those who are still a little confused, Rooker talked about the scene at Wizard World Ohio Comic Con, telling everyone:

"Watch it again," said Rooker. "There's a blood trail. Watch where the blood trail goes. It goes down to the next floor. It goes down—I kill a couple zombies on my way out. Caught a ride with the moon. Then, you see that I shimmied down the drain pipe–one handed. Well, I had two feet too."

Where you guys like the audience at Wizard World Ohio Comic Con or did you catch this the first time? I'll never forget how horrified Daryl was to see his brother's severed hand...

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