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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

The Walking Dead is due back on AMC in fall, and fans are busy speculating wildly about what twists the show will have in its cannon when Season 4 debuts.

One thing fans are desperate for...a Daryl and Carol hookup. And some fans have gone the stretch of making a GIF to illustrate the two of them together!

Here's one below, by nuttymcnut:

The real-life Daryl () has some choice words to say about this, and having never kissed Carol () in his life, he said speaking with Sirius XM radio: ‘Wow, you know, like photoshop, you can’t really believe any picture you seen anymore.’ He then adds that now GIFs...

“can make me kiss people, then that could get even worse. There’s going to be a time when you can’t believe anything on the Internet.”

What do you think about GIF's? Making fan dreams come true? Or just clearly a bit of fan fun? I personally think Reedus is overegging the pudding here - there's still quite a discernible difference here!

Anyway, gagging for a Daryl and Carol hookup in the new season of The Walking Dead? Get in touch below!


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