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The Walking Dead's is "the best ever." Or at least that's the opinion of his co-star Brighton Sharbino. Despite her young age (11 years), Sharbino is not only playing Lizzie Samuels in America's favoutite horror drama, she hangs out with Daryl in the not yet zombified real world too.

The two stars seem to be good friends in real life, alongside with Sharbino's on-screen sister, Kyla Kenedy.

As Wetpaint reports, Reedus has recently tweeted links for the girls, who declared the actor as "the best" in response.

Kyla wrote:


Brighton has posted this photo, where she is posing arm in arm with her shirtless "fav":

Shirtless Norman Reedus and Brighton Sharbino

A fan has posted another picture of them, with the caption: "perfection in one photo". Brighton tweeted as an answer:

Norm is humble & supportive & fun & like the best ever.

We have not seen the real-life friends connecting so much in the show recently. The last we followed their characters in the midseason finale of season 4, they were running away from the flaming prison separately: Daryl with Beth Greene () and the sisters with Tyreese ().

The second half of season 4 returns with the new episodes February 9, at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

(source: Twitter via Wetpaint)

Do you think we could see Daryl and the Samuels sisters reconnect in a father-daughter relationship in the second half of season 4?


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