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Have you ever had one of those situations when someone - or more than one person - invade your personal space to the point it's just weird? Well, that's what happened to who was on ABC's The View discussing Daryl on The Walking Dead, as well as his upcoming art book called The Sun's Coming Up... Like a Big Bald Head. Both and Karla Martinez grab his arms like the undead biters on the show.

He also told an interesting story prompted by the idea that he's always getting hurt:

"I got hit in the head and had stitches across my head but I was covered in blood. The ambulance came, took me to the hospital. I come in and they see me and I'm just covered in blood and people start freaking out," he recalls. "They give me some stitches, but the interesting part comes on the way home because they brought me back to set, where one of the teamsters drove my car and had me in their car driving back home. But as we come up over a hill and there's an 18-wheeler on its side." He continues, "This lady's in the road and she's going, 'I think he had a heart attack! He's pinned behind the wheels!' So I jumped out of the car I was in, pulled this man, this big, sweaty man, out of a truck, laid him down. Then the ambulance came and a paramedic said, 'Did I just take you to the hospital?' And I was like, 'No, no, no, it's this guy!'"

Take a look at the interview here:

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