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If the zombie apocalypse kicks off you'll find me in the Winchester. @moremattcarter
Matt Carter

Those of you that watch AMC's The Walking Dead will know that some really heavy-duty beards have been grown since the show began. Hershel has grown facial hair that would make Santa Claus proud, while Rick is sporting to a tidy little salt'n'pepper number. Clearly getting hold of decent shaving equipment is a problem when living in the zombie apocalypse.

However, one character whose face remains as smooth as a freshly waxed Daryl Dixon (just go with it) is Glenn. was a guest on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson and revealed that his lack of facial hair is not for wont of trying.


And I thought I was the only person that had trouble growing a beard.

Do you think Glenn should be allowed to grow a mustache?



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