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Imagine being a part of a deeply loved show like The Walking Dead, getting to know everyone in that family, sharing the laughter behind the scenes... then having to leave because the character you brought to life DIES.

It's an emotional road cast walk, and our most recent loss was the heroic, hardy and brave Sasha Williams, played by Sonequa Martin-Green.

RIP, Lady Bold, thanks for everything.

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Sonqua Martin-Green caught up with EW to talk about the death (and life) of Sasha, and guess what? She knew what was coming (Scott Gimple gave her notice to inform her performance) but it was hard losing Sasha anyway:

I found out a little bit ahead of time. So, it wasn’t a shock or surprise...

The coffin, and walker, and suicide pill of it all didn’t come until a little bit later. But what [Gimple] did tell me ahead of time was that it was going to be sacrificial in a sense and that it was gonna be very heroic in a sense. So I knew it was gonna be great, and when I actually saw it, the day I read the script, I cried, because it was just so powerful. I was so grateful for it.

Just BITE HIM! 'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
Just BITE HIM! 'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Still, it's great to hear that Sonequa Martin-Green has no regrets, embracing the whole "don't be sad it's over, just be glad it happened" school of thought regarding her glorious time on The Walking Dead:

Oh my goodness. I don’t have words to describe how special it was. It was just… it was family coming together. We always love each other, any day. But then when people leave, it’s such an enchanted time because we come and we laugh and we share and we give everything we have to each other in those last moments. And that’s exactly what it was, just being able to take in everyone that way. I could cry talking about it right now because any word that I use to try to describe it might diminish it a little bit. It sort of lives in the ether where it can’t be described. Those last days of the time that I spent with everyone and being able to look back at all of my time on the show — just divine.

Shut up, YOU'RE crying! She's gonna *sob* miss the Walking Dead gang as much as we'll miss her:

I’m gonna miss everyone! I’m gonna miss the story. But more than the story, I’ll miss everyone — the entire cast, the entire crew, the entire creative team. We really are a family and I’ll miss being there on the ground with them. Because what we have is real, and it’s eternal. And that’s definitely what I’ll miss the most.

Thanks for everything, Sasha. It's been unreal.


Do you think we'll see Sasha again in a flashback scene?

(Source: EW)


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