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Update: The Walking Dead's official social media accounts shared an exclusive video, introduced by Norman Reedus (while Melissa McBride adorably goofs off behind him), of the cast thanking fans for their overwhelming support over the past seven years. They humbly share their love and admiration for fans all over the world, pointing out that viewers' passion is what drives the show. Watch the video below:

This year at San Diego Comic-Con, the cast, crew and diehard fans of The Walking Dead had an additional reason to celebrate compared to years past: the Season 8 premiere airing this October will also mark the series' 100th episode to date, an outstanding feat in this age of TV.

Aside from the traditional panel, The Walking Dead took to the ceilings around to celebrate this milestone — and more importantly, to thank fans. A Twitter user shared the new banner ahead of the week's festivities:

The monstrous banner brings back every major character that the series has featured over the past seven years. It also indicates the show's progression, with a much darker tone on the right side with the current cast. Many fans are pointing out that this portrays a 'before vs. after' version of Rick, as the events he has faced have changed his appearance tremendously.

The 100th episode will bring the start of the "All Out War," a key storyline from the comics involving the fight against Negan. The stakes are higher and the battle for survival will get more intense in the upcoming season. Fans will get to witness some of their favorite characters fighting alongside one another as the various communities band together.

We got a little taste of the merging of forces at the end of last season, and there is no doubt next season will be bigger and better. A hundred episodes and counting, there is no sign The Walking Dead is slowing down anytime soon.

The Walking Dead's eighth season premieres October 22nd on AMC.

With the series set to air their 100th episode, which one has been your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!


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