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The Walking Dead isn't exactly kind to its characters, I mean, you never really see anyone wander off into the apocalypse to live happily ever after with a bouquet of flowers and a Forrest Gump box of chocolates. Normally they are found hacked to bits a few episodes later or having their throat slit over at Terminus.

Well, going back to Season 1 of the apocalyptic blockbuster, and under 's tenure, there has always been a big(ish) question mark hanging over the fates of the Morales Family on 's show. "Who?" you cry. Appearing in a less than impressive five episodes of 's premiere season, we still never learned the name of the Morales patriarch (played by Juan G. Pareja), leading for him to be forever referred to as "just" Morales.

Now, as we wrap seven years and seven seasons of the show, could Morales return to The Walking Dead? It appears that at least one person in the end of the world thinks that Morales could return for Season 8 — well, that is if the WGA strike doesn't put a halt to proceedings before we get there!

Bat's Your Lot

While we may have long forgotten about Morales, his wife, and his two adorable children, the man himself has not. Pareja took to Twitter to rally his own "Bring Back Morales" cause, tweeting an image of 's Negan, side-by-side with his own game of bloody baseball.

The picture also comes with the rather witty caption, "the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a bat, is a good guy with a bat," then tagged showrunner directly.

Fans of 's The Walking Dead will know exactly what happens to Negan in the , and sorry to break it to you, it definitely doesn't involve Morales coming to the rescue with his own version of Lucille, we'll leave the dramatic rescues to the tiger, shall we?

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The Ultimate Throwback

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

As some of the few good people we have encountered in the show's run, the Morales family was last seen splintering off and choosing to find family in Birmingham rather than head to the CDC. The show has shown us time and time again that we should steer clear of densely populated areas, so it is unlikely that the intrepid little family got very far anyway. In all honestly, they have probably done a Lori Grimes and currently reside in the stomachs of some hungry walkers.

The return may be a neat Easter Egg for long-term viewers of the show, but most people would probably be able to walk past Pareja in the street, begging "why does TWD need him to return?" Secondly, Kirkman has previously spoken out on rounding everything up, stating that he would prefer to keep some of the characters' fates up in the air.

Bury The Idea

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Elsewhere, there have been persistent rumors that Morales and co. could pop in sister show Fear The Walking Dead, where, with its lackluster viewership, they definitely wouldn't get noticed. It is exactly that kind of cheap gimmick that AMC uses in an attempt to draw more people over from its flagship zombie romp and into the weaker world of Fear, so let's just hope it isn't the case.

Even if we did see Morales again on the main show, he would have a lot of catching up to do from the past 94 episodes. Since he left the Atlanta survivor group, they have dwindled slightly in numbers, meaning that Morales wouldn't know that Jacqui didn't survive the CDC in the Season 1 finale, Andrea became Milton chow in Season 3, and that Glenn had his brains splattered in Season 6. Not to mention all the new faces and names he would have learn while still introducing himself as "just" Morales.

Along with the Vatos Gang, some people are better left a mystery on the show; but who knows though, Morgan was absent for two seasons at a time and he now comfortably finds himself in fan-favorite territory. In the meantime though, Morales is just a faded memory in the Darabont days of The Walking Dead and maybe he should stay that way!

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Should Morales return to 'The Walking Dead'?

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