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Now that The Walking Dead TV show closed its midseason with a dramatic finale the previous Sunday, fans have to wait till February to see what happens next to the characters that are still alive in the second half of season 4. However, if you are waiting for The Walking Dead: Season 2 video game, it might not take that long...

Clementine is going to be back in December. Telltale Games has released a Vine teaser for season 2. It is only 6 seconds long, but gets right into your heart: we see Clementine looking at a torn picture of her friend, Lee. He was the main protagonist of season 1 and Clementine's only companion who had taken care of her and had helped her to survive in the apocalyptic zombie world, before he was bitten by a walker. Take a look at the emotional clip here:

Although the game does not have an official release date yet, it is expected to come out for PCs December 17.

The first teaser trailer of season 2 was released in October. The game is an adaptation of ‘s award-winning comic book and a sequel to one of the highest reviewed games of 2012.

(source: Polygon)

Is your PC ready for season 2?


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