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Most of you are probably still a little messed-up from The Walking Dead's midseason finale, which saw The Governor storm the prison with a massive tank. I was actually glad - at this point - that Carol didn't show her face, because, like...devastation! But if you've been missnig Carol, then here's a little tidbit of news for you, as to Carol's whereabouts...

The grey-haired stoic survivor Carol Peletier hasn't been seen since Rick sent her into exile, but Daryl Dixon's bezzie will reportedly return before long. Apparently, "Carol will definitely return before the end of the season". So that's that!

We certainly hope that everything smoothed itself out a bit by the time Carol comes back, especially since Lizzie and Mika will need her now more than ever... But could she already have joined another group? Are you looking forward to her return? Sound off below!

(Source: TVGuide)



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