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To the last person, the cast and crew of The Walking Dead are completely pumped for upcoming Season 4 and what it has in store for fans of AMC's hit show. A few weeks ago, director and special effects whiz revealed that "it will be bigger than any script [they've] done before", and fans should get ready.

He reiterated that recently in an official AMC interview, sounding, if possible, even more excited for what's coming in the Season 4 premiere:

What's nice about the first episode is that they always supersize it and give you an extra day [to shoot] because they know that the script is going to be insanely filled with great drama and great action. We certainly didn't skimp on anything in this one. The story arcs and the script this season are astoundingly detailed, and every single nuance is there for a reason.

And it's not just the scripted scenes that are going to wow fans, either. There were a number of moments of improv that made it to the final cut:

We had walkers, we had mummified corpses, we had puppets, we had zombie bites. There were even a couple of gags that we came up with on the fly.

Zombie gags? Now I'm even more intrigued. How will things heat up in Season 4? Will there be a showdown between Rick and the Governor? What other characters will be getting a "Last Supper" this season?

I guess we'll find out when the Season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead kicks off on AMC in October.

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