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After a long and lonely winter, The Walking Dead returns on Sunday for more macabre mayhem.

The mid-season finale ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger after the Governor's attack on the prison left Rick and the group homeless and vulnerable. Will the group find each other again? Is baby Judith still alive? And will Beth sing a song to make everything good again? These questions, and more, are addressed in Moviepilot's Walking Dead Season 4 Big Prediction.

Warning: Mild spoilers and instances of rampant speculation to follow

Let's do this.

Carl Owns It Like a Boss

Expect the second half of Season 4 to see Carl (Chandler Riggs) step up to the plate and become a one-man/child zombie-killing machine. We reported a while back that Episode 9 would focus on Carl, and early reports suggest he owns it like a boss. His on-screen dad, Rick (Andrew Lincoln), even admitted it's "one of the best episodes certainly this season." Carl's certainly come a long way from the pasty, annoying twerp of Season 1 (he's still kinda pasty though. Somebody please give that kid some vitamin D).

Carol Returns and the Truth Comes Out

Carol is going to return at some point and with it, some uncomfortable home truths are going to need to be addressed. I predict that Lizzie reveals that she was responsible for the deaths of Karen and David (and mutilating the rat) and Carol burned the bodies and took the blame. Let's face it, that kid is weird, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that her new hobby is stabbing things.

From Page to Screen

Both showrunner, Scott Gimple, and creator, Robert Kirkman, have revealed that Season 4 sticks a lot closer to the comic book source material, which means some seriously dark storylines could be on the way. We already know that iconic characters Abraham, Eugene and Rosita have been cast, and if I was a betting man (but ever since I lost my belly button to a Yemeni bookmaker over a game of Mouse Trap, I most certainly am not), I would also put money on us being introduced to the Hunters and perhaps the Alexandria Safe Zone.

Time to Die

One of the worst kept secrets on The Walking Dead is a that major character always dies. The mid-season finale saw the tragic demise of Hershel and the long-awaited downfall of the Governor. Word on the walker-infested street is that a major character that is still going strong in the comic book is going to die in Season 4. So who could that be? I think Rick and Daryl are safe (for now), but I have a horrible feeling in my gut that Maggie is not much longer for this world.

Big Finale

A while back Norman Reedus revealed that the Season 4 finale is "a very ambitious episode; they went big with it," which, considering the mid-season finale had a tank blowing up a prison, suggests we are in for a blockbuster of an episode. My guess is the group arrive at Washington DC in search of the zombie cure only to find the city overrun by the undead. After an epic street battle against hordes of walkers, they end up at the Alexandria Safe Zone, battered, weary and close to death.

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