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Eszter Simor

The Governor's return had a lot of twists in store for The Walking Dead fans. The two recent episodes have introduced two very different sides of the antagonist: first we have thought that he might have changed his cruel ways, but then he started another crazy butchery again... But how will Rick react when he meets this changed character for the first time?

In the third season The Governor and Rick were in a battle. Will they continue to go on like old enemies? The Governor is already collecting new followers to crash Rick's crew, but what kind of battle is going to unfold between them?

Show-runner reportedly said (via Examiner):

Any sort of Rick-Governor conflict is going to be a very different conflict -if there is one. If these two people [have a] showdown - and God knows it certainly looks like that at the end of episode seven - I would hope that they're two very different men who have gone through very different things.

The Governor, from the beginning of [episode] 406 is very different guy. When these two guys meet, in some ways, they're meeting for the first time, and in some ways, it's a new story. The only way to achieve that is to tell a different story with those characters leading up to it.

(via the Examiner)

What do you think will happen in this very different conflict between The Governor and Rick? Who will win this new war?


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