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If you've watched the The Walking Dead Season 4 extended trailer, chances are you caught the mysterious female voice on the radio, speaking these intriguing words at the very end of the video:

Sanctuary ... those who arrive, survive.

What could it mean? What is that so-called sanctuary, and why would it be so safe from Walkers?

Via wetpaint, we get an insightful theory on the cryptic location based on the comic books. WARNING: Major spoilers (for the graphic novels) ahead, which will probably translate into spoilers for the TV show!

An astute fan places his bets on the idea that the secure haven in question is either located in Fort Benning, GA or is the Alexandria safe zone from the comics. As a third option, it could all be just a trap. Watch his insights below:


Here are some of the highlights from the die-hard fan's video:

  • There are reports that shooting for the show is taking place in Fort Benning, a military reservation in Georgia. It could very well be the 'sanctuary' from the radio message.

  • It also could be the safe-zone in Alexandria, VA; it is certainly a major location in the comic books where Rick & co. spend a lot of time in. The only problem is that it is pretty far away from Atlanta, GA.

  • There's a chance the radio message is a trap to lure the group into the clutches of some unknown enemy. Those cannibal survivors styling themselves as the Hunters, perhaps? Or maybe the much-flaunted new threat discussed in the teasers for the fourth season?

So, what are your theories on the sanctuary? Especially if you've read the comic books, do the three options listed above sound plausible? Or do you think the show's writers are going in a completely different direction? Let us know... if you survive.

The Walking Dead: Season 4 premieres October 13th on AMC.



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