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Who would want to date Beth Greene?

Actress didn't appear in the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead, but perhaps it is for the best if she stays away a while - the people she gets close to seem to have a habit of dying.

When we first met Beth she was in a relationship with Jimmy. Jimmy was eaten by zombies as he failed to escape Dale's RV. She waited a bit, then got in another relationship, this time with Zach. And Zach didn't last long either. He was bit on the leg and then had a roof collapse on him.

Even worse for Beth, when she was told of Zach's death, she didn't even seem to care much.

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The bad luck of Beth's beaus has been noticed by Kinney, too, who said:

People on the show have said to me, ‘You shouldn’t date Beth because you’ll end up a zombie meal'

So do you think Beth is bad luck? Would you take the risk? Write in with your thoughts below.

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