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Now that The Walking Dead is onto Season 7, the character list for the series is bigger than ever before. Back in 2010 the season ended with just a handful of characters stuck on a highway, and this season it we have multiple communities full of people interacting.

Given that the Walking Dead universe is forever expanding, we can expect many new characters to be introduced over the course of Season 7, below you'll find a comprehensive list of these new characters and what we know about them, as well as a list of all the characters currently alive in The Walking Dead.

King Ezekiel

Ezekiel made one hell of an entrance to the series when he was introduced in The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer alongside his unusual pet, a tiger named Shiva. Ezekiel is actually a character straight from the comic series, and his community — the Kingdom — is likely to become an important part of the series. Ezekiel styles himself as "King Ezekiel," and is a fairly eccentric fellow, but he's also a good guy and given that our group is now battling against Negan and his Saviors, Ezekiel is definitely the man you want on your side, after all, he does have a tiger.


Technically Negan was introduced at the end of Season 6, but as we're about to see a whole lot more of this guy it's worth getting to know him.

Basically, Negan is the baddest villain you'll ever have the displeasure of coming across. With his favorite weapon (a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat) Lucille constantly at his side, Negan is not one to let you forget that he's the one in charge. Negan is the leader of his Saviors, a large group who have survived by taking food and supplies from other communities in return for supposedly protecting them. However in reality his group are mean thugs, bullying communities into giving up their already meagre supplies, and after the events of the Season 6 finale you can be sure that Negan and his gang will soon have a fight on their hands.

Characters living at Alexandria

Alexandria may not be the most populous community, but it is where the most notable characters reside. Here's a list of main or supporting characters who call the spacious houses of Alexandria home:

There are also a number of minor characters at Alexandria including: Bob and Natalie Miller, Scott, Tobin, Bruce, Francine, Eric Raleigh, Mikey, Kent, Barbara, Rosemary and Anna.

Sadly in Season 7 Alexandria lost Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford when Negan killed them in the Season 7 premiere.

Characters living at the Hilltop

Jesus & some of the Hilltop gang Vs Rick [AMC]
Jesus & some of the Hilltop gang Vs Rick [AMC]

Introduced in Season 6, Hilltop will undoubtedly play a bigger roll in Season 7. Although Hilltop has a much bigger popular than Alexandria, we've barely met any of the residents, and at the moment know the names of just a few characters:

  • Paul 'Jesus' Rovia
  • Gregory
  • Harlan Carson

We also briefly saw or heard of characters including: Andy, Crystal, Kal, Eduardo, Bertie, Craig, Wesley and Freddie.

Characters living at Negan's compounds

After finally getting inside Negan's main compound in Episode 3 of Season 7 we finally have a better idea of the people the Big Bad surrounds himself with. Here is a list of Negan's Saviors we know of so far:

  • Dwight
  • Wade
  • Simon
  • Sherry
  • Joey
  • Laura
  • Arat
  • Dr. Emmett Carson

We also briefly saw or heard of characters including: Gavin, Jared and Cam.

Characters living at the Kingdom

We were finally shown the wonderful Kingdom in Season 7, Episode 2 and introduced to the colorful characters that live there. We met a few of the residents, here's a list of those we know of so far:

  • King Ezekiel (and Shiva)
  • Ben
  • Henry
  • Jerry
  • Daniel
  • Richard
  • Dianne
  • Kevin

Who is your favorite The Walking Dead character?


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