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This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 7.

Despite The Walking Dead's unpredictability, one thing that we can rely on is that viewers will let us know exactly how they feel. Without fail, the fans take to social media to voice their opinions every Sunday night — and Season 7 has definitely brought things to a whole new level in terms of viewer opinion. The season premiere was especially divisive and caused uproar online due to the explicit violence.

Throughout the season, viewers have continued to make their thoughts known, whether it was about Negan's arrival at Alexandria, the dodgy CGI seen several episodes ago or the reemergence of "Easy Street" in last week's episode. Tonight's installment of the popular AMC zombie series was no different, and it certainly has provoked some viewers.

From Rick and Michonne's carnival adventure to Rick's horrifying near-death experience, the viewers had something to say about everything. Let's take a look at the great online reactions from tonight's episode.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Before we get to that moment that had us in shock, the entire internet was obsessed with Richonne — but let's be honest, who isn't? Their scenes at the beginning of the episode definitely melted fans' hearts all around the world. In fact, was trending on Twitter before the episode had even reached its opening credits.

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However, it was a scene towards the end of the episode that sent the fans into a frenzy. As Rick was perched on the ferris wheel, staring at a nearby deer, he fell to the ground into a herd of oncoming walkers. Rick desperately tried to fight them off as Michonne came running to save him, but the walkers got down on their hands and knees and began tearing flesh apart.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Michonne was devastated, as was the internet. Rick's dead?!

No, he's not — the walkers were eating the deer; Rick had managed to make it to safety. Phew! Let's take a look at the internet's reaction to this heart-stopping scene.

While we were busy freaking out, others took this opportunity to mock those of us who thought Rick had actually died. Not cool, guys. Hilarious, but not cool.

Wow, it was certainly a jaw-dropping episode this week, and it may take us all awhile to recover after that.

Regardless of what happens in the remainder of the season, we can guarantee that the fans will continue to delight us with their thoughts. But maybe you disagree with them? Vote in our poll below:


What did you make of tonight's episode of 'The Walking Dead'?

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