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's seventh season is coming to a close with tonight's episode being the third-to-last of the season. While the second half of this season has certainly set up some major events, the story moved forward this episode and inching us a bit closer to the highly anticipated season finale, even though it definitely dragged a bit.

At the same time, the episode raised a lot of questions - so let's take a look at the five biggest questions "The Other Side" raised.

5. Will Jesus Get A Boyfriend?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Jesus was gay in the comics, but we finally saw him reference his sexuality on the show for the first time. He is the sixth gay character on the show, along with Tara, Alisha, Aaron, Eric, and Denise. However, will he begin a relationship like the rest of these characters? As of now, we don't know any single gay men on the show, but there could easily be a character introduced at the Hilltop to become a love interest for Jesus.

Also, Daryl's sexuality is still up in the air and the producers have discussed the possibility of Daryl being gay since the debut of the series. It would make sense to pair Jesus up with a more primary character, but there is an abundance of ways the show could go. However, Jesus could continue to live forever alone on the series and focus more on the safety of the Hilltop and less on his love life.

4. When Will Gregory Die And Will Maggie Take Over?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

I was pretty confident that Gregory would die a brutal death this episode when Simon and the Saviors knocked on his door. However, we just saw Simon and Gregory talk it out and the Hilltop's doctor being stolen (you can thank the oven for that one). Obviously, we saw Gregory live for another day. Most of the fans are waiting for the moment where Gregory will meet his demise - and I'm right there with everyone.

In the preview for the next episode, we see Gregory holding a knife behind his back when talking to Maggie. This is clearly an assassination attempt because Gregory feels threatened that Maggie will overthrow him as the leader of the Hilltop. The best way this could happen is if Jesus were to come in to save the day by killing Gregory. This episode was very clear about enhancing Jesus and Maggie's friendship and the lack thereof between Gregory and Jesus. No matter what, we should definitely expect Gregory to leave the show by the end of the season.

3. Why Didn't Eugene Break Out With Rosita And Sasha?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

During Rosita and Sasha's assassination attempt, they ran into Eugene and tried to save him. Instead of escaping along with them and going back to Alexandria, Eugene put his foot down, declared that he didn't ask to be saved and that it means he doesn't want to leave. Rosita and Sasha were both shocked and irritated at the same time as they wondered the same question as us: Why did Eugene stay?

Eugene clearly wanted to stay at the Saviors' camp, but is the reason he wants to stay because he wants to play Negan at his own game? Or is he simply listening to him and staying on the down-low out of plain fear? Personally, I believe many of Eugene's actions are done out of fear, but he is still the smartest person on the show and has a definite end game (his ultimate sacrifice and possible death). Also, he probably realized there was a good chance they wouldn't make it out there safely and if they had, it would have pushed Negan over the edge.

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2. Who Did Rosita See At The End Of The Episode?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

At the end of the episode, we saw Rosita trying to escape the Saviors' camp with her life when she ran into someone. We didn't quite see their face, but most of the fans are assuming it was Daryl because we saw him ask Jesus where Rosita and Sasha went and he would go after them. However, I don't believe that is the case.

I think the shadow figure we saw at the end of the episode had to be Dwight, who wields Daryl's original crossbow (the new one came from Richard at the Kingdom in the last episode). This will spark the beginning of Dwight's transformation from being Negan's dog to fighting alongside Rosita and Alexandria against the cruel Saviors.

1. Is Sasha Dead?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

With the combination of Sonequa Martin-Green's new gig on the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery and the way Sasha's character has been progressing this season, we have all been expecting her death. We see her lock Rosita on the outside of the fence and tell her that it isn't her time before she runs into the Saviors' building and shooting Negan's pawns left and right. However, she [most likely] won't be making it to Negan.

Sasha will either be killed on sight or be captured by one or multiple of Negan's goons and be brought to him. Negan will give Sasha a typical Negan-esque speech and she won't say a word. He could definitely kill her right away, but he will realize that she doesn't value her life anymore as she just signed her death waiver. Given that, Negan could use Sasha as bait (similar to what the Governor did with Hershel and Michonne) for Alexandria, and they (specifically Rosita) will fall for his trap. Just like Hershel, we will most certainly see Sasha kick the bucket either next episode or during the season finale.


What question are you most curious about?

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