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Each episode of #TheWalkingDead is typically an hour long, and given the huge cast and the various settings, there's bound to be a lot of stuff you didn't catch on your first viewing - that's where we come in!

Every Monday following an episode of The Walking Dead you can find a breakdown of our traditional "5 Things You Might Have Missed" Walking Dead recaps right here. Then, following the short breakdown a link to the article in full if you want to read in more depth about the episode. The recaps will be added all throughout Season 7, so be sure to check back weekly to keep up to date.

Take a look at what we've seen over the course of Season 7 so far:

Episode 8 "Hearts Still Beating"

The group end up back at Hilltop [Gene Page/AMC]
The group end up back at Hilltop [Gene Page/AMC]

The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead came around before we knew it, and like all mid-season finales it was a good one. This week all our lost and wandering souls finally made their way back to base, and despite losing a few members of Alexandria (RIP Olivia and Spencer), Rick finally realized that he needed to kick some Savior ass. But aside from all that, here's some details you may have missed:

  • Maggie wore a cap in what seems like a homage to her late husband, Glenn.
  • The kingdom has never suffered under the control of the Saviors, which might make it hard to get them on side for a battle against them.
  • Spencer's death was straight out of Issue 111 of the comics
  • Hershel's Spaghetti Tuesdays were continued by... Negan?!
  • Rick has his main main back at his side, his Colt Python in his holster and he's ready to do battle.

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Episode 7 "Sing Me A Song"

[Gene Page/AMC]
[Gene Page/AMC]

After spending most of the last six weeks confined to one location per episode, Episode 7 of The Walking Dead Season 7 finally returned to a more familiar episode formula when we saw multiple characters and settings over the course of the extended episode. Not only did we head back to Negan's Sanctuary, but we also caught up with Rick and Aaron, a lone Michonne, Spencer and Gabriel and Rosita and Eugene all on their own quests. Basically there was a ton to keep our eyes on, and here are the main details:

  • Most of what we saw at Negan's base was taken straight from Issue 105 of the comic series.
  • Spencer and Gabriel used an electric car — something which makes sense considering most fuel would be rendered useless by this point in the apocalypse.
  • Father Gabriel gave Spencer words of wisdom but he also probably foreshadowed his death.
  • Spencer made a great reference to one of Deanna's favorite (Latin) sayings.
  • Daryl an Carl appeared to covertly communicate with each other.

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Episode 6 "Swear"

Tara in the woods in Episode 6 [Gene Page/AMC]
Tara in the woods in Episode 6 [Gene Page/AMC]

A brand new community was introduced in Episode 6 of The Walking Dead, when the Oceanside community from the comic series was brought to life earlier than anyone anticipated. The episode primarily followed Tara as she escaped a zombie attack and eventually found herself at the community where she managed to talk her way out of death (and then outrun death). By the end of Episode 6 our favorite fist bumper had made her way back to Alexandria alone and only to learn that her girlfriend and two close friends had been murdered during her absence. But that's not all, there was also all of this:

  • The Oceanside community from the comics was introduced early.
  • There was an extremely fitting piece of music playing at the end when Tara learned of the death of Denise, Abe and Glenn titled "Everything's Fucked".
  • Tara's fist bumps made a reappearance.
  • We learned that Tara had some mysterious tattoos of Roman numerals.
  • Tara found a keycard with 'PPP' written on it, presumably left by Heath - but what does it mean?

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Episode 5 "Go Getters"

Maggie and Gregory in Episode 5 [Gene Page/AMC]
Maggie and Gregory in Episode 5 [Gene Page/AMC]

Episode 5 of The Walking Dead brought us back to the Hilltop where Maggie recovered from her illness, Gregory flapped angrily at the potential threat Rick and co had brought upon the community and the Saviors eventually showed up to issue a strong warning. Moving back to Hilltop there was a lot to see, including:

  • We finally saw a bike used in the apocalypse!
  • It was heavily hinted that Maggie would eventually become leader of Hilltop.
  • The necklace Rosita made for Abraham in mid-Season 6 was given to Sasha.
  • Gregory had a famous painting of Charles V in his office and his empire is a clearly reference to what Negan hopes to achieve.
  • Maggie recited a poem from Ralph Waldo Emerson, a well known believer of individualism.

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Episode 4 "Service"

Negan knocking at Alexandria [Gene Page/AMC]
Negan knocking at Alexandria [Gene Page/AMC]

After three episodes at various communities, Episode 4 of The Walking Dead finally had us returning to Alexandria, where the residents are picking up the pieces following Negan's attack. However, after Negan showed up early for his collection, Alexandria was once again thrown into panic as the Big Bad continued to show Rick that he was the man in charge. Coming in at just under 90 minutes long, the episode was long and there was plenty in it to take in, including:

  • Negan drank the same type of soda that Denise found for Tara just before Dwight killed her.
  • An easter egg referencing the episode number Season 7, Episode 4) appeared on a house behind Father Gabriel.
  • The episode closely mirror Issue 103 of the comics
  • Negan left behind the bodies of two walkers when he left Alexandria - much like the bodies of Glenn and Abe.
  • Rick revealed Shane was Judith's biological father, and this was probably why he let Carl name her.
  • Bonus: Enid was keeping the green balloons she found with Glenn
  • Bonus: Spencer probably hid the food, guns and bottle of alcohol soon after Season 6, Episode 5.

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Episode 3 "The Cell"

Negan and Dwight's relationship was examined in Episode 3 [AMC]
Negan and Dwight's relationship was examined in Episode 3 [AMC]

After being shown around the idyllic community of The Kingdom, Episode 3 "The Cell" took us to another community, but this time it was Negan's main base. The episode was interesting, first showing us how civilized the Saviors actually are, and also their hierarchy system, from Negan's man men all the way down to those working for points and finally to poor Daryl, locked in his cell. Episode 3 was light on action but still a great episode all the same. Take a look at the five details hidden within:

  • The first song used in the episode ("Town Called Malice" - The Jam) seemed to fit with the Saviors community beautifully
  • We learned one of Negan's strict rules for his people
  • Daryl was shown a picture of Glenn's smashed body in order to try and break him
  • There was further evidence to the theory that Negan sees himself as a type of post-apocalypse God
  • Daryl is becoming more and more animal-like, but him being given dog food to eat also showed a key difference between Negan and Rick.

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Episode 2, "The Well"

Ezekiel and Shiva were introduced in Episode 2 [AMC]
Ezekiel and Shiva were introduced in Episode 2 [AMC]

After a tense premiere episode, Episode 2 of The Walking Dead, "The Well" had a much different tone. Audiences finally caught up with Carol and Morgan, who it turned out had been rescued by residents of a community called The Kingdom. The episode was a massive introduction to the group and its leader, King Ezekiel and there were plenty of details to be picked up on, including:

  • Morgan marked his way to The Kingdom, cleverly leaving a message for Rick and co that he and Carol were alive, as well as a trail in case they should need to leave.
  • There were a few brand new scenes in the credits, with Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt and Christian Serratos joining Jeffrey Dean Morgan and the rest of the cast. Michael Cudlitz and Steven Yeun's names were officially removed.
  • There was some reference to the story of Greek gods Hades and Persephone.
  • There was a hint that Negan killed eight members of the Kingdom.
  • It seems like Carol is taking over Michonne's storyline from the comic series.

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Episode 1, "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

Negan, you ruthless bastard [AMC]
Negan, you ruthless bastard [AMC]

The Walking Dead returned with an absolutely shocker, when it killed off not one, but two, beloved characters in the Season 7 premiere. The episode was extremely dramatic, but aside from all the drama also had its share of small details and finer points you might have missed:

  • Glenn was the first original cast member to be killed off since Season 3, Episode 16.
  • Abraham's last words "suck my nuts" were legendary, but he also made a very sweet secret gesture to Sasha to relay his feelings in his final moments.
  • Dwight and Negan's relationship was briefly touched on and it's clear Dwight is not one of Negan's favorite men.
  • One of Negan's men took a photo of Glenn's smashed skull, a reference to the photographs Glenn saw back in Season 6, Episode 12.
  • The dream-like future fantasy sequence likely confirmed that Maggie and Glenn's unborn child will be a baby boy.

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What was your favorite part of this week's episode?