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If you're an avid Walking Dead viewer, you may have noticed that there's theme to the episode names: they are usually taken directly from quotes within that episode. There are a few exceptions, but, on careful analysis, you'll see that every single episode name has only served to heighten the drama and emotional intrigue of that episode.

S07E01: The Day Will Come When You Won't Be

Is it a quote? Technically, yes, but not from season 7: this quote comes from S01E06, when Dr Edwin Jenner says ''The Day Will Come When You Won't Be.'' Yes, it's a mega-throwback to the very first season. History runs deep in .

S07E02: The Well

Is it a quote? Yes. Ezekiel says:

''You drink from the well, you replenish the well.''

His stance is thrown into stark relief by a rather confused Carol, who is used to surviving on the road and being an all-round badass, and is suddenly thrown into a world where her most strenuous activity is munching pomegranates.

S07E03: The Cell

Is it a quote? Well, the word 'cell' is repeated throughout the episode, although the definite article adds a certain substance when taken as an episode name. As Daryl is tortured by a seemingly innocuous pop song, we see how the mundane becomes agony and vice versa in this low key savage episode.

Direct quote from Negan himself:

''You get out of your cell, you work for points, but you're gonna wish you were dead.''

S07E04: Service

Is it a quote? No. This episode title is a more general reference to how much Rick and his faithful followers have been subjugated throughout the course of season 7. As the Alexandrians offer up every tiny scrap of hard-earned weaponry, Rick's defeat is etched more firmly and starkly in Negan's mind. A true moment of defeat which shook even the hardiest of Walking Dead fans to the core.

S07E05: Go Getters

Is it a quote? Yes. Simon says, and I quote:

''Because the people that killed them, they work for us now. And they are real go getters, you know?"

It's a horribly ironic title for a horribly devastating episode. While Maggie and Sasha provide a much-needed defense for the Hilltop community, they are putting their lives on the line for little payback in terms of respect and safekeeping in that guarded society.

S07E06: Swear

Is it a quote? Yes. When Tara is sworn to secrecy regarding the existence of the mysterious all-female community she inadvertently discovers, her answer is simply:

''I swear.''

This secret will (almost certainly) prove very important as season 7 of The Walking Dead progresses, as Tara knows the location of a highly-guarded and valuable resource of both food and (wo)man-power.

S07E07: Sing Me A Song

Is it a quote? Yes. During an entire episode mostly dedicated to middle-aged Negan ripping the piss out of teenaged Carl, the arch-tormentor asks his victim:

''Sing me a song.''

Of course, Carl has no choice but to obey, dragging out a horrendous rendition of a popular lullaby to appease his captor. Some may think that Carl can be swayed by such an obvious, brash display of 'alpha-maleness,' but anyone who truly knows the characters will keep faith that Carl will stay true to his daddy.

S07E08: Hearts Still Beating

Is it a quote? Yes. After getting a savage beating from the Saviors, Aaron reassures Rick that he's A-OK, purely because his:

''Heart's still beating.''

This is also referenced when Rick and Michonne have discussion about whether they should fight back against Negan or not: Rick argues that total subjugation is fine so long as they all survive to tell the tale... Michonne hits back that it's no life to life in bonds... guess which storyline our beloved heroes and heroines are taking to ensure a killer Walking Dead season 7b?


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